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Calculate the Cost of Switching Technology Vendors

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Updated Oct. 18, 2022
Published Aug. 17, 2022

There’s more to navigating the conversation surrounding sales tech stack consolidation or switching technology than just calculating the monthly cost difference. It’s a (potentially significant) strategic mistake to end the analysis here. The ‘soft’ switching opportunity cost combines with the hard cost to offer a complete analysis of the total cost (or savings) of switching technology providers.

Use the free downloadable worksheet below to determine the best path forward for your organization.

Cost of switching technology vendors header

Download here

By the end of your self-assessment, you will have calculated the average quota attainment of each seller, the amount of time you’re spending on your sales tech, and all the costs associated with switching vendors. You’ll have a clear picture of the path forward. Sales leaders and CFOs can then be confident in the buying decision. If your choice is to switch solutions, you will know that time spent budgeting, determining headcount, and strategic planning will pay off. If you decide to retain your current technology, you can now focus on increasing adoption because you know you are already using the best sales technology.