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Customizing Your Workspace to Fit Your Day

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Nov. 29, 2017

In today’s modern sales environment, the availability of technology is endless. The products at our fingertips are designed to make selling a breeze. With them comes a wealth of knowledge for salespeople, from contact information to thorough insights.

But this world of plenty can be distracting. Constantly switching tabs, spending time in different products, and searching for the shiniest new technology is noisy. It presents the challenge of balancing sheer quantity with ease of access. Thankfully, Smart Panels are a simple feature designed for just that purpose. They allow every rep to tailor their workspace to fit their selling style.

We invited power user Collin Waldrip to share his insights on customizing your selling workspace to fit your day-to-day. He dives into what Smart Panels are and how they can be an effective tool for your entire sales team. Let’s take a look:


Collin Waldrip here, today I’m going to talk to you about customizing your Salesloft workspace. In a sales environment, you’ve gotta balance research, new prospects, old prospects, and every channel of engagement. And I know that can be a lot. Thankfully, gathering it all in one platform can make it a little bit easier. Smart Panels are a feature of Salesloft that allow every user to customize their person and company in a dashboard. Let’s take a look at smart panels and why they’re important. We know that every seller has their own workflow. While certain features are great, having the ability to customize the platform you work in every single day is helpful. That’s why Salesloft allows you to arrange Smart Panels the way you want them. Smart Panels are going to include things like LinkedIn, Twitter, Opportunities, and Owler.

You can also add and remove panels completely so your workspace isn’t cluttered with things you don’t use, you have the flexibility to reorder these panels so your most used panels are at the top. While customization is great, the ultimate goal is having access to the things you need. Let’s use a quick example. For me, when I’m starting a relationship with a new prospect, I like to use Owler to find something about that company so I can add a rapport building statement on the front end of the conversation. Through Owler, I can see blog posts, leadership changes, any press releases, and also videos on updates for the company as well.

But for an account executive, they’re not so much concerned with building that rapport on the front end when they meet that prospect, they care about where that prospect is in an opportunity. So they care more about the Opportunities smart panel. By using smart panels like this, your workspace allows you to focus more time on actual sales. It also helps avoid context switching by having all of my resources in one spot. This saves time switching tabs, windows, and even tasks constantly.

Thanks for watching, I hope you’ve learned a few tips on using smart panels to help you in your workflow. Feel free to drop any questions or comments below. Thank you and have a great day.

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