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Aligning Your Marketing and Sales Teams for Account-Based Success

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Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Oct. 4, 2017

If the DC and Marvel franchises have taught us anything, it’s that one superhero may be great, but a team of superheroes coming together is a force to be reckoned with (and box office gold).

When it comes to account-based sales, your sales heroes may be ready for action. But the most effective account-based strategies require efforts from additional players on your marketing team.

Marketing provides an innovative approach that help to break through the monotony of common sales tactics. Instead of simply sending out emails and making phone calls, marketing builds personalized content for accounts or targets cold leads with specific ads that can boost connection rates and bring in more deals.

For this edition of Sales Tips, we’ve invited Eric Martin, Director of Marketing Programs, to talk more about how marketing and sales teams can work together to achieve account-based sales success.



Hi, I’m Eric Martin from Salesloft. I’d like to talk to you today about how marketing can help set an account based revenue organization up for success.

In traditional teams, sales and marketing work in siloed environments. To practice what we believe many of our marketing goals are actually tied to sales performance. For example, we’re responsible for helping sales create pipeline and target accounts. We found that as marketers we can better serve the sales team by proactively supplying them with ideas. We quickly test these ideas to determine the activities that best drive engagement. I’d like to share three successful ideas we’ve used to support our sales organization.

My first tip is to arm sales reps with clear, consistent messaging that they can use when they’re reaching out to their target accounts. For example, we’ve created team cadences for Salesloft that are targeted for each persona involved in the buyer’s journey. By supplying sales with persona targeted messaging we’ve seen measurable improvements in response rates.

The second way we empower our sales organization is by creating personalized content. Custom landing pages, ads, and personalized video bringing unique and creative touch to your cadences. We’ve seen success by delivering all of these tactics to our top tier accounts. We create custom landing pages with personalized videos that help the rep connect directly with the prospect. In our testing, relevant messaging can actually double the rate of engagement with your prospects. Prospecting a new business is much easier when that prospect is familiar with your company.

To warm up cold prospects, we specifically target our advertising toward cold accounts. While it sounds simple, brand recognition helps. When prospects say I think I’ve seen this company somewhere, it’s much more powerful than you think. For top-tier cold accounts, we tune our ad messaging for the company’s mission and business model. This helps drive engagement on top of brand recognition. What tools help us do this? We use Terminus to deliver ads to our target accounts. Also, we use Triblio to personalize messaging on our website to drive engagement.

Thanks for watching. I hope you learned a few tips that can help you better understand how marketing can support a modern sales organization. Feel free to drop a note or comment below if you’d like to talk more about this.

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