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The 3 Tiers of Sales Analytics (SlideShare)

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Aug. 1, 2016

“War is ninety percent information.”

-Napoleon Bonaparte

While the stakes may not be as high for salesmen armed with sales analytics as they were for Napoleon, the logic behind this quote applies to both professions in equal measure. Sales is a daily war against competitors, markets, and consumers themselves. And in that war, just as in a real one, information can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

That valuable information that helps sales teams succeed often comes directly from a team’s sales analytics. The way a sales team tracks, monitors, and analyzes their performance determines the amount of information they can arm themselves with. But all sales analytics operations are not created equal and sales organizations must learn to crawl before they can run, so to speak. A company just adopting a data-driven approach needs to nail down different metrics than their more advanced counterparts. Key metrics exist on a sliding scale, and understanding where your team lands on that continuum determines what you should be tracking and where to go next.

To help you determine where you land in the analytics evolutionary timeline, we’ve created the SlideShare below. Check it out and don’t forget to download our newest eBook “The Essential Guide to Sales Analytics” that lis all the sales metrics you should be tracking.

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