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3 Steps To Master Your Sales Operations Data

1 min read
Nov. 18, 2016

As your sales team grows, having a role devoted to managing data and process is a must. In theory, reviewing sales operations data to make decisions is easy. But in a world with mass amounts of data and such robust tools (like Salesforce), many organizations are held back by the chains that are their own inefficiency.

That’s exactly why the Sales Operations professional has so much power. They can break free of these bounds by making data-driven process improvements – solutions that manifest themselves exponentially as they solve problems for entire sales teams. Kyle Porter even describes Sales Ops as the queen in a game of chess:

“The modern sales operations leader has the ability to employ a Queen-like agility to deliver the greatest impact on the outcome of the game.”

In this Slideshare, we’ll explore three easy steps to get started managing and reporting on your data – the first steps in mastering your sales operations data. But don’t worry, If you’re interested a more comprehensive look, download the full Sales Operations ebook.