Analytics and Reporting
Data. Insights. Decisions.

With powerful analytics across the platform, you can confidently answer questions about your process, performance, and revenue results.

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Insight Into Your Sales Process and Trends

Pinpoint what generates the best revenue results for your business by collecting both activity and outcome data around your sales process.

Track Your Process

Use accurate and complete data to determine if you need to pivot your strategy or drive more adoption of your winning plays.

Consolidated Reporting

Get the answers to your questions on accounts, cadences, and team performance with consolidated reporting powered by advanced filtering and sorting capabilities.

Focus on Results

Replicate and scale successful behaviors with a clear understanding of what’s driving results from an account, cadence, or team member level.

Go Deeper

Understand which cadences are most successful and which team members are driving the best results with drill down reporting into individual activities and trends.

Analyze Your Data Where You Want

Connect to your favorite business intelligence tool or custom CRM dashboards with robust APIs that complement powerful in-app analytics.

Account Development Reps are able to do their jobs significantly faster. Our top performers no longer work in a silo. You can see exactly what they’re doing in SalesLoft, which allows us to quickly share what’s working with the whole team.

—Tim Kealamakia, Senior ADR Manager, Americas at FireEye

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