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Sales Training Software

The world of sales moves fast. For teams to keep up, they need sales training software that helps to identify sales call trends, create coaching opportunities, and makes it easy to replicate the success of your top performers across the entire team.

Unlock the insights you need with Salesloft. Accelerate ramp times, sharpen selling skills, and boost productivity. Empower veteran reps and new hires with sales coaching that scales to their needs.

Onboarding Automation

Every company’s sales cycle is unique, and even the most flexible reps can stumble when onboarding for a new role. 

However, with Salesloft’s automated workflow, sales leaders can slash the learning curve. 

Thanks to easy-to-learn processes and access to necessary tools, new hires are quickly and easily onboarded. New reps can immediately take advantage of Team Cadences and start completing tasks right at the get-go.

Quickly ramp up productivity within the first few days using a curated dashboard that highlights effective sales techniques. Leverage other tools, like custom playlists of your best sales plays to educate and coach (available through Conversation Intelligence.)

Sales coaching and sales training software

Sales Coaching

Salesloft’s data and intelligence will help you create a sales training program with learning opportunities tailored to the areas where your sales team members need the most help. Review calls quickly with playback speed options and search transcripts for key words to understand the best coaching opportunities. 

Help new hires replicate the success of  top sales representatives by sharing successful call recordings with coaching notes at key points.

Sales Performance Assessments

Know who’s hitting the mark and who needs extra attention. Assess how new skills may be affecting the pipeline or how online learning boosts team productivity. 

Use our customizable dashboards to create your own assessments with real-time data so you are ready for every training and coaching conversation.

Use individual tracking to identify who’s hitting the mark and who needs extra attention. Assess how new skills may be affecting the pipeline or how online learning boosts team productivity. 

Deepen your knowledge with reporting analysis tools, equipped with visualized metrics, graphs, trend analysis, leaderboards, and more.

Collaborative Environment

A unified platform helps new sales reps learn without slowing down productivity.

With Salesloft Conversations, keep a playlist of the very best captured conversations to help train and coach salespeople. New team members can listen to these conversations as many times as needed – either on their own or during meetings or group training sessions. Plus, sales managers can even listen to calls and coach sellers in real time. 

When it comes to multi-channel messaging, team members can also share proven email and social media messaging tactics so new reps aren’t starting from scratch.

Integration Capabilities

Salesloft provides a comprehensive, all-in-one learning platform that enables learning through AI and coaching. Performance improvement is possible for the newest sales development team members all the way to experienced reps.

Extend the platform’s capabilities through integrations with the most popular with CRMs, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, and a long list of the other most critical online sales technology and enablement solutions. Check out our app directory for more options.

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