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Sales CRM Integration

We believe in innovation first at Salesloft—that’s why our platform offers seamless integration with your favorite sales CRM.

Combine Salesloft with your CRM system to log activity in real-time, sync customer data, streamline contact management, and build a more complete picture of your business. Integrate with the best CRM software on the market, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hubspot, Zoho, and so much more.


Before you can better understand prospects and the customer life cycle as a whole, sales reps need to track and log their interactions with buyers. The Salesloft platform achieves all that and more thanks to our CRM Sync integration with apps like Salesforce.

Rest easy knowing any calls or emails made through Salesloft automatically sync up with Salesforce. Simplify pipeline management and gain a more cohesive view of your sales process with automation rules, centralized data, customizable hierarchies, and other great features.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

For businesses with complex sales pipelines, flexible customer relationship management is a basic necessity. Spend less time juggling your CRM tools and more time on your prospects with CRM Sync for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enjoy a streamlined setup, bidirectional data syncing, activity logging, automation rules, and more. Empower your revenue team today to drive even more value through the combined power of Dynamics 365 and Salesloft.


No need to worry about manual data entry of your Salesloft activities with CRM Sync for HubSpot. All the critical sales touch points that take place in Salesloft are automatically logged into HubSpot providing a unified reporting experience and better visibility across the revenue team.


Salesloft supports the OSync extension so you can easily add Zoho’s CRM solutions to your tech stack.

Build a better sales process by syncing data between Zoho and Salesloft. Auto-sync every 60 minutes or when manually triggered. Other features include custom field mapping and one-way or two-way sync.

For instructions on how to install this integration, check out our guide.


Create and capture new leads with Salesloft + Salesforce + Salesbolt integration.

Unfamiliar with this add-on? Salesbolt is a Chrome extension that allows salespeople to import new accounts and contacts from LinkedIn to Salesforce and Salesloft Cadence—all without leaving LinkedIn! Only minimal configuration required.

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