Dialer + Messenger software

1-click sales calling & texting

Stop using separate sales dialer and messenger software solutions. Our all-in-one platform makes one-click sales calling and texting a seamless part of your process and workflow. Plus, our dialer and messenger software make coaching a breeze when sales managers can quickly drill into call recordings and emails. Understand the effectiveness of your teams’ prospecting efforts and drive meaningful coaching conversations.

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Connect with buyers seamlessly

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Local and international talk and text

Whether your buyers are local or abroad, unlimited talk and text plans let you make calls and message contacts in the US, Canada, Caribbean, and Europe with true flat rates.
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Sales dialer uses the local area code of a prospect to increase the likelihood your call will be answered.
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Intelligent call pass through

Connect with buyers directly from the Salesloft platform, a cell phone, or a hard-lined phone without missing out on any data. Our intuitive sales dialer software captures it all.

Coach in real time with Live Call Studio

Managers, keep coaching your teams even when you can’t be with them in person.

Our dialer software lets you listen to what’s happening on team members’ live calls with just a click. Whisper advice to a rep without the buyer hearing. Join an ongoing call and seamlessly enter a conversation.

Plus, a “raise hand” feature lets reps signal managers when they need assistance – so a great coaching opportunity never goes missed.

Graphic showing the Cadence Live Call Studio dashboard

Everything you need from a sales dialer

Call collaboration

“Two heads are better than one” as the saying goes. Invite an additional team member or manager on the call to back you up. Or, transfer the call with ease if needed. The call will keep going even after you log off.

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Pre-recorded voicemail drop

Don’t get bogged down recording voicemail after voicemail when pre-recorded voicemails speed up the process. Just drop a default or customized voicemail on an unanswered call and move onto the next prospect – it’s the closest thing to being in two places at once!

Graphic showing the inbound call settings

One-to-one SMS sales texting

No mass texting and no annoying spam messages: just personalized texting with prospects and customers. Our sales messaging software meets international compliance standards, so prospects can easily opt-out of texts – and if they do, you’ll know about it. Plus, you’ll be able to get deeper insight into the impact text interactions have on the deal cycle.

Graphic that shows the Cadences home dashboard

Disposition and sentiment tracking

Understand nuanced details of calls with our call disposition and sentiment tracking. Log the details and outcomes of calls – with options like “no answer,” “left voicemail,” or your own custom values. Make in-depth notes about past calls to prep for the next step in the sales Cadence.

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Leading by example

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Being able to use a sales engagement tool to fire up our engine and do so in an efficient way has been a game changer.

Danielle Hokanson
Director, Business Development & Sales Enablement

Generate more revenue, faster

  • Prospect 322% more pipeline (yes, really!)*
    Get more replies with multi-channel messaging, proven templates, and take action from anywhere with the industry’s only mobile app.
  • Drive more opportunities
    Onboard reps more quickly with structured workflows, use the comprehensive data to identify and replicate behaviors of top sellers, and automatically sync all activities to your CRM.
  • Advance and win more deals, 75% faster
    Focus on the most engaged prospects with AI-driven deal engagement scoring. Identify deal gaps and forecast effectively with all deal data in one platform.
  • Win 28% more deals with call recording and conversation intelligence
    Sales call tracking, transcription, analysis, and coaching in one platform and connected to all of your workflows.

*Real success metrics reported from Salesloft customers within the first year of implementation.