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Analytics + Reporting

Backed by a powerful analytics engine, Salesloft Analytics gives you a deeper look at your sales process and revenue team productivity to track and understand what’s working across the revenue cycle.

Find Insights in Sales Outcome Data

Use sales team reporting to confidently answer questions about your process, performance, and revenue results. For example, which cadences deliver the most booked meetings? How many touches does it take to get a response? Which email templates have the most success? What’s the best time to call customers?

These are just some of the answers you’ll find with Salesloft Analytics and Reporting.

Data Further Down Your Pipeline

Salesloft Deals Summary tracks your team’s revenue performance on a single dashboard. Manage your team’s open opportunities and easily identify the deals that need your attention.

Learn from Your Best

Wish you could clone your best performers? Now you can. Salesloft’s sales performance analysis helps you identify what your best performers are doing differently. Replicate the behaviors of your superstar reps by tracking the actions leading to their successes.

Custom Sales Analytics & Reporting

Filter out the noise and focus on the data that matters to you. Use advanced filters to look at your data by account, cadence, team, and more. Save each customized report for future use.

Sync Up to Pin Your Data Down

Our platform syncs with other CRMs and business intelligence tools, so you don’t have to worry about leaving any data behind — it’s all in Salesloft, where you need it.

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