You’re in the driver’s seat

No one knows your teams like you do. A one-size-fits-all system won’t fit your one-of-a-kind needs. That’s why our governance controls are customizable, so you can align your teams’ activities with your company’s goals.

All of the features available to you

Customize your user groups and profiles
Gain more visibility and control of security and administration privileges with custom roles for every player on your team and fully-customizable user groups, based on function and hierarchy. Salesloft helps you balance operational control with individual freedom.
Enjoy scalable security, where it counts
Whether your teams are just getting started or plotting world domination, Salesloft has you covered with everything from default permissions to custom options. Create and define as many roles, permissions, and security access options as you need to make work happen.
Streamline the experience with single sign-on
Salesloft offers single sign-on with best-of-breed providers such as Duo, Okta, and OneLogin. Take control of the on- and off-boarding experience with more dynamic security options.

Protect your organization against poor practices

Secure SSO and OAuth
Regional governance and security
Controlled permissions and roles
Trusted, certified, and secure
Customizable settings and templates
Accountable call recording and coaching features

Safeguards to preserve the customer experience

Connecting systems

Configure sync and integration options with Salesforce and other integrated platforms so there are never gaps in your data.

Use your existing service accounts for your team’s email integration or use our secure inbox connector.

Account-based contact controls

Automatically flag a company by domain so you never reach out to the wrong organizations.

Keep everyone focused on their own accounts to reduce prospect overlap. Object Access allows you to configure each reps’ visibility settings.

Cadence alerts

Salesloft triggers smart alerts when a user attempts to add a person to more than one cadence.

The seller can then review what other cadence the prospect belongs to and make an informed decision how to proceed. In addition, sellers will receive live notification when contacts engage.

Supporting sales best practices

Guardrails like the email deliverability checklist, SMS configuration, and dialer governance and regional controls set sellers up for success, securely.

We also support multiple languages in the email composer and support international calling and time zones.

Management & measurement made easy

Segmented analytics
Creating role groups allows managers to segment their analytics for better enablement, reporting, and management.
Segment permissions by group
Designate which groups have access to specific templates, cadences, analytics, and ownership data.

Generate more revenue, faster

  • Prospect 322% more pipeline (yes, really!)*
    Get more replies with multi-channel messaging, proven templates, and take action from anywhere with the industry’s only mobile app.
  • Drive more opportunities
    Onboard reps more quickly with structured workflows, use the comprehensive data to identify and replicate behaviors of top sellers, and automatically sync all activities to your CRM.
  • Advance and win more deals, 75% faster
    Focus on the most engaged prospects with AI-driven deal engagement scoring. Identify deal gaps and forecast effectively with all deal data in one platform.
  • Win 28% more deals with call recording and conversation intelligence
    Sales call tracking, transcription, analysis, and coaching in one platform and connected to all of your workflows.

*Real success metrics reported from Salesloft customers within the first year of implementation.

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