"Mastering the Art of Effective Meetings"

Mastering the Art of Effective Meetings: Insights from Hoffman and Salesloft

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Join us for an engaging webinar where industry leaders, Hoffman and Salesloft, come together to unravel the secrets behind running truly impactful meetings. In 45-minutes you will learn how to use our proven strategies, innovate techniques, and our favorite hacks to transform your meetings and maintain control of the steering wheel at every turn.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from two industry powerhouses—Hoffman and Salesloft—on how to run meetings that truly make a difference.

Jamin Fochtman Salesloft, VP Revenue Enablement
CeCe Aparo – Hoffman, President & COO
Jeff Hoffman – Hoffman, Founder & CEO

Who is Hoffman?
Hoffman’s actionable, deal-centric sales training methodology improves the way sellers move opportunities forward — from lead to start to close.