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SalesLoft Product Release: Team Templates

December 12, 2016

You asked, we listened. Salesloft is excited to announce the release of team templates, the #1 most requested feature by you, our users.

Team templates give sales and demand generation leaders the ability to create, share, measure, and update templates for their team. Empower your sales organization with the most effective and highest performing email templates wherever they are.

In a modern sales organization it is counter-intuitive to require each rep to edit their own templates when an update to messaging is made mid-cadence. It leads to errors, not to mention is a distraction from the team’s goal of executing sales communication. Team templates enables sales leaders and managers to dynamically change the entire team’s templates on the fly without the need for manual updates by each rep.

**Team Templates are only available in the new UI**

Simple and easy to create:

Team admins can create team templates within the template list view by toggling to “Team Templates” and clicking “Add Template.” Tag team templates for quick and easy organization.


Accessible everywhere you need them:

Easily toggle and search for team templates everywhere individual templates are located. Team templates are available in cadence steps, one off emails, and in the Salesloft Connect Gmail extension.


Admin level version control:

Editing a team template will update that template wherever it is being used. Admins can update messaging across their entire organization from a single location. Keep content up to date and relevant without the need for reps to individually update their templates.


Track performance across your entire organization:

When team templates are used, no matter who is using them, all engagement metrics roll up at the team level. A/B test your templates and double down on what is working to increase conversions.


Salesloft Team Templates allow admins version control, visibility, scalability, and insight into how their sales communications. Allowing reps to focus on what matters, having more impactful and meaningful conversations.

Setup is a snap so don’t wait and start using team templates today.

Thank you for enabling Salesloft to continue to serve you. As always, we are excited to hear your feedback!

We are really excited to release this new feature and as always, please let us know what you think. If you have any questions please check out the Knowledge Base, or contact [email protected].