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Just in Time: Your All-New Analytics Overview Is Here (And There’s Something for Everyone)

March 30, 2020
  • Salesloft Analytics helps you stay in touch with your team’s performance, which is especially valuable as more teams move to remote work.
  • Salesloft’s all-new Analytics Overview provides an instant health check on your sales process and team performance, with separate panels focused on specific activities such as emails, calls, and results.
  • Each new panel lets you drill down into reports to find more granular data and locate the answers to your questions.

Monitoring your team’s productivity has just become more important than ever, particularly during these early changes in how we work. With more teams transitioning to remote operations, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in visits to the Analytics Page.

We’re excited to announce that your Analytics Overview now provides many more actionable insights to help you keep a pulse on your team’s activities and outcomes.

The Dashboard Evolution That Inspired This Update

Before we jump into our new Analytics Overview, let’s take a quick detour into the aviation industry. Specifically, the Falcon-900, an aircraft that began production in the 1980s.

Dashboard evolutionLeft to Right: Falcon 900B, Falcon 900EX

In looking at the pictures above, a couple of things immediately jump out, apart from the fluffy seat covers.

In the early days, the Falcon 900B suffered from too many similar gauges. Real estate was evenly distributed, making it difficult to understand what mattered when. Fast forward to the modern Falcon 900EX and metrics are consolidated and more logically grouped. To assist the pilot, colors draw the eye toward important real-time alerts.

The amazing thing?

The newer 900EX has way more features and capabilities, yet it appears easier to fly. How did engineers accomplish this? By putting more emphasis and visibility on the data that matters.

Your All-New Analytics Overview

This same philosophy, combined with feedback from our customers, guided the development of your all-new Analytics Overview. Each panel provides a focused view of your process execution, activities, or outcomes. Additionally, we’ve added red and green comparison metrics, alerting you to how you’re trending.

Seeing green? Nice work! Give your team some well-deserved kudos!
Seeing red? Click “View Reports” to drill down and analyze what’s happening.

Let’s say you’ve got greens across the board but notice that your skipped steps have increased by 20%. Major process red flag! Drill into “View Reports” to retrieve your Cadences data and see if this behavior is isolated to a single individual or if it’s a team-wide problem. Once you’ve figured that out, now you can discuss the root cause with the right people.

What if you notice that your Activity metrics are trending up but your Success results are trending down? That may be a signal that you’re targeting the wrong personas or the messaging that reps are using isn’t resonating. Again, drilling into the report can help you locate where the issue is most prevalent.

Something for Everyone on Your Revenue Team

Sales and Sales Ops Leaders, use the all-new Analytics Overview as a quick health check on your team performance and your sales process. Get an early indication if you have the right amount of activity and if you’re getting the results you’d expect.

SDRs, check your improvement in hustle stats and see how they compare across your team. Work your way towards the top of those leaderboards! Then check your “Month to Date” and “Week to Date” progress.

P.S. Use the average line on the chart to see if you’re on track for the month or week!

Closers, are you self-sourcing enough pipeline to meet your goals? Keep an eye on your pipeline creation and prospecting efforts by you and your SDR team.

Is That All There Is? Not Quite.

Remember those red and green trending metrics on each panel? That’s not all there is.

Panel Name: The panel’s focus
Primary Metric: The highest level metric
Primary Metric Chart: Visual breakdown of the primary metric
Secondary Metrics: Additional associated metrics
View Report: Drill down to the relevant report for more granular data
Period Comparison: Compare the selected period to its prior identical period

What Else You Can Expect

What we’ve shared today is just the start. We’ve already begun development on new account-based panels and ways to surface additional useful metrics on existing panels. Stay tuned!

We’re grateful to have you here with us on this journey and we hope you feel the #saleslove in this post. We work hard to provide revenue-generating teams with the tools, insights, and capabilities you need to evolve and thrive.

If you have any questions on the all-new Analytics Overview, please check out the documentation on our Support Site or contact [email protected]. We also host live, virtual office hours twice each business day. Register at