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Step Right Up with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

June 26, 2018

In 2017, Salesloft customers who use LinkedIn Sales Navigator were delighted by a new, time-saving feature. We introduced access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator intelligence directly from the Salesloft Account and Person dashboards in a configurable Smart Panel.

We didn’t stop there, though. Salesloft now offers a brand new option – LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps. These allow salespeople to include four kinds of LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps in cadences that can be executed directly from within Salesloft and Salesforce. LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps include:

  • InMail
  • Research
  • Connection Request
  • Ask for an Introduction

Whether you’re looking to introduce social selling into your team’s sales cycle or you’re a seasoned social selling organization – you’re going to love these steps.

Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator Steps?

Social Selling Works

Incorporating LinkedIn activities into the selling cycle helps salespeople create stronger, more authentic connections, which leads to more closes at scale. LinkedIn research (The State of Sales 2017 U.S. Report) shows that incorporating social networks into a sales strategy is connected with sales success. More than half (62%) of top salespeople strongly attribute closing more deals to this effort, compared to 42% of all professionals.

Most of us reserve LinkedIn purely for work and work-related activities. As a result, there’s far less noise. Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator in the right situation with the right timing can bring a dark opportunity back into the light.

At Rainmaker 2018, Doug Camplejohn, VP of Product Management Sales Solutions at LinkedIn, shared that while the average email has a 3% response rate, the average InMail has a 15% response rate. He also advised that a high performing salesperson can have a 30%+ response rate using InMail. Clearly, this is a channel that delivers.

Further Improves Workflow Efficiency

LinkedIn-specific steps help salespeople stay focused, do less application switching, and deliver a better sales experience. The TOPO 2017 Sales Development Touch Report states that more than 80% of sales professionals are leveraging the triple-touch approach of email, phone, and LinkedIn in their sales cadences. Furthermore, over 50% of touches outside of email and phone are through LinkedIn.

Our new LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps allow cadence configuration and execution to match the workflow that is already in place.

Make the Most of the Third Channel

According to our data science team’s research on derived cadences, more than half of all steps outside of email and phone in Salesloft cadences are already LinkedIn actions. The ability to incorporate LinkedIn Sales Navigator social selling steps from within Salesloft is important to you, and we listened!

With the new steps, you can configure your workflow to explicitly include each of these LinkedIn touches at the right time in the sales cycle.

“Adding LinkedIn Sales Navigator Steps to our Cadences has streamlined SDR and AE workflows with a single platform to conduct research, update data, and execute daily tasks. Additionally, we’re seeing a 40% increase in email engagement (Open, Click, and Reply rates) within our middle-stage email steps and greater reporting granularity on social touchpoints within Salesforce.”Ryan Splain, LogRhythm

How the Integration Works

Add LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps within the Salesloft platform. You’ll see how in the image below.

Salesloft LinkedIn Navigation integration

Note that four choices are available. You can send an InMail or conduct research in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. For connections, you can either ask for an introduction or a direct connection.

Below, you can see how the InMail step looks in the Salesloft platform. When executed in your cadence, it lets you compose and send a LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMail directly from Salesloft and Salesforce.

Salesloft LinkedIn Navigation integration for social selling cadences.


An active Team or Enterprise LinkedIn Sales Navigator license is required for this integration. Don’t have Sales Navigator? Learn more here.

Also, Salesloft admins must enable LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps. Instructions here.


We’re delighted to welcome the LinkedIn Sales Navigator step, another LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration with Salesloft, to our open platform of more than 35 already existing integrations. We are also grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the #saleslove with this announcement, our past product announcements, and the ones that are just around the corner. We are always excited to hear your feedback, so if you have any questions please check out the App Directory, our Knowledge Base article on the integration, or contact [email protected].

In the meantime, we’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn!