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Sales Engagement, Meet Conversation Intelligence

July 20, 2018

Sales meetings are where deals are won and lost. With Conversation Intelligence from Salesloft, you can easily capture, annotate, analyze, and share the crucial moments and insights from your meetings to coach, accelerate deals, and improve the effectiveness of your sales teams.

Only 13% of buyers believe sellers understand their needs

Given all the noise in today’s busy sales landscape, it’s not surprising that sales meetings are difficult to set and secure. What is perhaps more surprising is that buyers report that 8 out of 10 sales meetings provide little to no value when sellers hold these meetings. That’s not the sales experience your buyers deserve, and it’s definitely not one that will lead to sustainable revenue growth.

Sales meetings are the moments in the sales cycle where you have the opportunity to provide the most value for your customers. As such, they are some of the single biggest opportunities for your team to influence revenue. It’s where your deals are won and lost.

Despite this, sellers often don’t get the opportunity to improve on this critical component of the sales process. Combine this with the challenges that face sales leaders around how much time it takes to digest sales meetings, gain visibility into what’s really happening, and be proactive in the deal cycle. What if you did have the insight to improve the effectiveness and value of sales meetings significantly?

Enter Conversation Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence empowers sellers to listen, understand, and engage more effectively with prospects and internal stakeholders – built natively into the Salesloft platform. Conversation Intelligence not only transforms the way sales leaders provide with coaching but also offers prospects more transparency into the buying process. Leaders gain more visibility into meetings to better understand the conversations reps are having, empowering insights to deliver better selling experiences. By sharing recordings with prospects, sellers are utilizing a new engagement channel that offers additional clarity into the buyer’s journey.

Meeting intelligence sales platform

  • Listen – Reduce distractions when meeting with customers through call recording, live note taking, auto-tagging, and transcription. Never miss key takeaways again!
  • Understand – Review recordings quickly, create libraries of your best calls, and skip to insights with dynamic tagging. Quickly identify what is working and what isn’t.
  • Engage – Share insights, recordings, and clips to take engagement and coaching to the next level, improving the overall buying experience.

Improve Individual Meeting Performance

Listening and coaching from live meetings is so much more powerful and realistic than role-playing.

I can focus on the meeting and rest easy that I can go back to key points.

With full recording playback and transcripts, sales leaders have more control over how they review meetings, honing in on the moments that truly matter. Capturing meetings with Conversation Intelligence dramatically reduces the length of time required to review, helping leaders digest an hour-long call in less than 5 minutes.

  • Users have the option to take live notes during meetings. Notes are timestamped to highlight key moments in real time.
  • Leaders can also add time-stamped comments on recorded meetings outlining areas of improvement which link directly back to that portion of the recording when shared back with the rep.
  • All notes can be tagged with @ mentions that will alert stakeholders to key insights or areas of interest that hold additional value.
  • Videos can be organized into libraries designed to coach or track deals through completion.

Sales leaders are constantly struggling to onboard and ramp new reps, as decreasing ramp time has been proven to have a significant impact on a rep’s ability to contribute to the team’s quota retirement. Conversation Intelligence enables leaders to build personalized libraries of the best (and possibly the not so best) recorded meetings. If there is just a small section of a meeting that managers want to highlight and share, they can easily create a clip of a recorded meeting and build a repository of the best practices – anything from objection handling to competitive intelligence to value prop delivery to future product offerings.

Deliver a Better Sales Experience

Ultimately, Conversation Intelligence enables sales teams to improve their engagement with buyers during and after sales meetings

I have instant access to my customers’ voices telling me what they need.

Live notes empower sellers not to lose sight of critical moments in sales meetings. This methodology ensures that sellers are actively capturing the topics that matter to the buyer, their challenges, and areas of interest to drill deeper on subsequent meetings.

More importantly, recordings and clips can be shared directly with customers to enhance the sales dialogue, creating a new engagement channel that fosters transparency through the buying journey. By sharing these, sellers can get notifications around the specific keywords that their customers are searching for in the transcript. These insights provide a key indicator of engagement and deeper insight into the topics important to buyers.

Listen + Understand + Engage

We know that the best sellers are seeking these golden opportunities to learn from their customers, to understand their business and their challenges, and to ultimately provide value. To explore how Conversation Intelligence can take your team to the next level, contact our Sales team at [email protected]. Keep an eye out for further communications and opportunities to learn more.

For more information, check out the Knowledge Base.