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Drive More Meaningful Conversations with SalesLoft

May 14, 2019

Sellers should strive to turn a meaningful connection into a mutually beneficial relationship while keeping a focus on long-term customer success to drive their own long-term revenue goals.

Organizations often struggle to deliver consistent experiences and value across the customer journey, especially during transitions between customer stages. In other words, selling doesn’t stop once a prospect is qualified, nor does it stop at the inbox.

Typical sales execution strategies focus on sales activity playbooks, channel communications, and automating lower impact tasks for high impact results all focused on the primary goal to make quota and increase revenue.

DID YOU KNOW? Salesloft is more than a sales development platform.

Salesloft is designed to flex around the needs of the user based not only on their role but also on their preferred workflow. This empowers Salesloft customers to offer consistent value at every stage.

Evolve your sales strategy and take customer engagement to the next level through the utilization of native Conversation Intelligence in the form of Conversation Intelligence, advanced dialer capabilities, Meetings, and more.

Conversation Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence records sales calls and facilitates playback, transcriptions, and scoring so that both sales representatives and sales managers can identify highs and lows.

This empowers sales organizations with the insights and tools to understand and share best practices, ultimately improving how leaders coach and how teams develop skills, improve sales processes, and optimize pipelines.

With Conversation Intelligence teams enjoy new insight into recorded sales calls through features like X-Ray Topics, call sharing, faster call review/playback, and call transcription. With shareable libraries, call time-stamp tags, and clips, leaders can onboard reps faster than ever before, offering tailored coaching and reference libraries.

DID YOU KNOW? Conversation Intelligence is not limited to only web meetings but can ALSO record sales calls made through the dialer, extending the reach of the insights it can derive.

In another Salesloft product news post, we mentioned that 92% of all customer interactions still occur over the phone and 80% of sales meetings require 5 follow-up calls to progress deals further down the funnel. With so many conversations happening over the phone or through web meetings, listening in or joining a call in real time can be a luxury you can’t afford. Call recording libraries allow leaders to view recordings on their own terms when time allows. Live Notes, playback speed options, and X-Ray empower a better understanding of the conversation in half the time.

Integrate Conversation Intelligence into Your Workflow

The Salesloft works hard to reduce and automate admin tasks, streamline sales call review and empower a better selling experience – so you can focus on what really counts, the voice on the other end of the line.

Schedule. Take the guesswork out of scheduling sales calls and streamline the selling experience by reducing the back-and-forth common when scheduling calls with multiple stakeholders.

  • Integrate your calendar to offer multiple meeting options for yourself or teammates to prospects, including available time slots, buffer times, minimum scheduling notices, and availability controls.
  • Schedule discovery or demo calls in confidence. Conversation Intelligence is fully compatible with Salesloft’s dialer and leading web meeting applications: Zoom, GoToMeeting,, UberConference, Cisco Webex, and Cisco Webex Enterprise.
  • Enjoy a simplified CRM workflow for inbound calls.  When the number for an incoming call has an associated Salesforce record, Salesloft will automatically open the appropriate Salesforce profile page – reducing the need to open new tabs and increasing focus for improved productivity.

Listen. Focus can be difficult during live calls. You are often required to juggle active listening, notation, and process tracking, often resulting in an incomplete understanding of the conversation.

  • Concentrate on the conversation at hand knowing all calls made through the dialer are recorded, transcribed, and logged as activities within Salesloft.
  • Eliminate dead time between conversations by inviting the right person to the call in real time. Adding a sales engineer or a manager is simple and seamless with Call Collaboration.
  • Simplify notes and highlight key moments with time-stamped notations through Live Notes from Conversation Intelligence.
  • Trust you are in compliance with call recording regional regulations for dialer calls captured through Conversation Intelligence by managing call governance and controls within Salesloft admin settings.
  • Build stronger teams and improve individual performance through Live Call Studio.

Understand. Extract insights to share with stakeholders, drive good habits to entire sales teams, and decrease ramp time for new reps.

  • Track call sentiment for logged dialer calls to gain leading insights into success trends.
  • Review recorded calls in half the time with playback speed options, X-Ray topics, and transcription.
  • Web-based recordings are logged to Salesforce as tasks to easily pull reports that encompass every customer interaction – emails, calls, meetings, and more.
  • Insight from Salesloft empowers additional analysis for logged activities synced to Salesforce, for deeper reporting and analytics.
  • Upload recordings from other sales call recording tools to establish a single source of truth and improve insight into past and current trends.

Engage. Improve follow-up after sales meetings by creating a record of the important buyer considerations and commitments from meetings.

  • Drive for internal and external alignment with secure call sharing and engagement tracking for shared recordings through Conversation Intelligence.
  • Loop in internal stakeholders by using time-stamped “@” mentions within Live Notes from Conversation Intelligence during or after calls.
  • Onboard new reps faster and grow expertise with call recording Libraries from Conversation Intelligence. Build collections of calls by stage, type, function, and more – using the best examples from within your own organization.

Salesloft, Value at Every Stage

Sales calls come in many forms: prospecting, discovery, demos, stakeholder alignment, and so on. All of these interactions make up the foundation for the long-term customer relationship. High-value customer relationships are made possible when prospects feel that the relationship they are entering into is mutually beneficial.

How can you build such a relationship? By working to ensure your prospects feel heard and confident that you understand their needs. Work to engage them throughout their journey. After all, sales doesn’t stop when the deal closes, nor does engagement cease when a seller hangs up the phone.

With Conversation Intelligence from Salesloft you can offer an unparalleled buying experience. Salesloft is more than a prospecting tool – it stretches around your unique needs. If you haven’t thought of integrating Conversation Intelligence into your workflow you should.

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the #saleslove with this post. We work hard to provide revenue-generating teams with the tools, insights, and capabilities needed to evolve to the next level. If you have any questions on any of these features, please check out the support documentation available on our Support Site, or contact [email protected].

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