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The Musical Power of (Sales)Love


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Lofters know a thing or two about love – love for what we do, our community, our customers, and each other. There’s a reason why we coined the term #SalesLove. Love is all around us and infused in the decisions we make each and every day.

When we had the idea of creating a SalesLove playlist for Valentine’s Day, it should come as no surprise that music-loving Lofters jumped all over it. Adding over two hundred songs about first loves, old loves, love lost, first crushes, love for our children, and lifetimes spent together in joy, in genres ranging from rap, to soul, to pop, to folk, and so much more, Lofters put their hearts (and impeccable taste in music) on display to create one love-filled playlist we know we’ll be spinning through Valentine’s Day week and beyond.

Along with these great tracks came stories from Lofters’ lives -- wedding songs, children’s favorites, first date dances, and more -- and we’ve featured a few below to celebrate love in all forms and get you in that lovin’ spirit. Take a listen and enjoy some big love from Salesloft.

Fools Rush In - Elvis Presley “My wife sings it to our son Harrison every night when she’s putting him to bed, because her mom did the same thing when she was a little girl.” Brian Culler, VP of Engineering

Something - The Beatles “This was the song I first heard when we brought Brooklyn home and she was in the crib, grabbing my finger.” Kyle Porter, Founder and CEO

Looking Through Patient Eyes - P.M. Dawn “Ryan was a fry cook at Waffle House in the winter of 2001. I'd sit at the counter watching him flip hashbrowns and crack jokes with his coworkers while the hours faded into endless patty melts and quarters for the jukebox. I was petrified by his coolness. Petrified. One night after spending hours saying barely anything at all - he sent me home with a love poem that he'd spent hours writing. He told me to wait until I was home to read it. It said:

‘I've become amused. I've become blind. I've become what I know not breathes.-- I caress the infinite light. That even at night, overshadows the moon and sings to you.’

It might as well have been Shakespeare.

Fifteen years later, I found myself sitting in the car with my kid, listening to 90s R&B, feeling nostalgic when a line struck me as familiar: ‘I've become amused. / I've become blind.’ WAIT A MINUTE. Had Ryan had given me P.M. Dawn lyrics in that letter? He did. He'd pawned off lyrics from "Looking Through Patient Eyes" on me, and I fell for it. I couldn't help but laugh hysterically when I'd figured that out. I couldn't help but look at my 17-year-old self, and Ryan's 18-year-old plagiarizing self, for the first time, with patient eyes.” Christeene Alcosiba, Product Owner

Shine - The String Cheese Incident “Shine was my fiance's brother's favorite song before he passed, and the lyrics really helped us after losing him.” Darby Quillin, Consultant, Professional Services

If I Should Fall Behind - Bruce Springsteen "This was my husband and I's first dance at our wedding. The lyrics, "I'll wait for you, and should I fall behind, wait for me" rang so special to us. No matter what life may throw at us, we'll be there to support each other every step of the way." Heather Wiita, Social Media Manager

What The World Needs Now (Is Love) - Dionne Warwick "When I joined Salesloft in June 2018, I was like... “what is SalesLove?!” And I thought we needed to change, because talking about love in the business world, and especially in enterprise is, well, scary. But now that I understand and live SalesLove, I get it and have become more open, honest and vulnerable in promoting #saleslove. It’s so unique and core to who we are that I’m proud to share it and inspire our customers to “love on” their customers. Face it, especially now, what the world needs is love." Sydney Sloan, Chief Marketing Officer

And finally, something magic happens when art inspires more art, like Jackie’s poem inspired by a song by Lyrah:

The View - Lyrah “It talks about two people who like one another but neither will say it, and she’s waiting for the other person to bring it up. The song reminds me of an encounter I had, and the poem came from that!” Jackie Reale, Senior Customer Success Manager

"It was like our souls had been sitting at that railing where we met for quite some time Waiting for that exact moment That exact smile I felt like I’d known you The cliche of everything fading It happened It took time before I noticed Your ring And I’m not sure you’re even in love with him"

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