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Summer User Meetup Wrap Up


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Although summer isn't quite over, we're bidding adieu to our user meetups until the fall. These summer meetups have exceeded our expectations, and we cannot wait to hit the road and see you all again, soon.

We hope you all enjoyed the user meetups as much as we did! Let's take a look back at the places we visited.

Summer, Summer, Summertime

This summer we jet-setted to my ideal temperatures: the high 60's and low 70's. Toronto and San Francisco were a nice break from the Atlanta heat while still giving us nothing but blue skies and a light breeze.


Co-hosted with Vena Solutions, the meetup space was spectacular. Did you know that Toronto is Canada's largest city?! The turnout for the meetup was our largest by far, but with 5.6 million people in T.O., I think we can knock it out of the park next time.


San Francisco

San Francisco has the largest and oldest Japantown in the United States. We had the pleasure of staying there this trip, and if you've never been, you MUST check it out. From Japantown to the Financial District, we kicked off this San Francisco user meetup at Intercom's office. Greeted warmly by Intercom-ers, I knew this was way to end our summer tour.



Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

There you have it: from May to July we spanned the nation.

7,618 miles, 8 flights, 240 registrants, 98 attendees, infinite memories made

I want to take a moment to reiterate why we do this and how you can get more involved in the sales community. User meetups are a great chance for you to connect with local Lofters. Do you have questions and want to see how another user does something? Do you have a tried and true practice you want to share? Are you a sales enthusiast looking to grow?

We do this not to tell you about Salesloft (you already know that), but to connect you to each other to share your experiences.

Our goal in each new city is to give you the starting point, that initial meet and greet, so you can continue the conversation once we're gone. Interested in hosting a user meetup in your city? Email

Let's keep the momentum going.

Got That Summertime, Summertime Sadness

Before we go, I want to leave you with the promise that we'll be kicking off another round of user meetups soon. Meanwhile, to cope with those summertime-user-meetup-blues, I've put together a list of songs from each of the places we've been.

Have you noticed the song quotes at the bottom of my emails? It's not by accident.

I've made a playlist of songs by city, plus a couple "summer" hits for your enjoyment. If you're feeling nostalgic, open up Spotify and reflect on the Summer of '18 memories. I know I will be.

Until next time, Lofter community.

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