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Six Weeks Off for Six Years On: How Salesloft’s Sabbatical Offer Gives Employees Time Off To Recharge


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Jay Warden wasn’t sure what to think.

Lofters with six or more years of employment with Salesloft are entitled to a paid, six-week sabbatical with a $10,000 stipend.

And Jay had just become eligible.

At first, he was torn on the idea. He certainly didn’t feel like he needed a sabbatical.

“I wasn’t burnt out,” he explains. “In fact, I was transitioning into a new role at work that I was really excited about.”

But after some consideration, dreaming, and scheming, Jay not only accepted the offer but began to fully embrace the idea behind it. For six weeks, he and his wife chose to travel, trekking first to Chicago, then to Mexico, before traversing the California coastline.

The time away meant reorienting his priorities. “I had to figure out how to be productive outside of work,” he says. “It was a good time to reflect on how I can make the most of each day and not take this time for granted.”

Time Off With a Purpose

Known as the Salesloft 6 @ 6, the sabbatical allows employees who’ve worked for the company for six or more years to take six weeks away from work, with full pay and a $10,000 stipend.

The idea is not only to reward Lofters but to help them recharge, renew, and pursue personal interests. Katie Cox, Salesloft’s Vice President of People, says, “We wanted to include a stipend to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get the most out of their sabbatical. We want to enable Lofters to go do something incredible, something they would not normally do.”

While that may conjure up ideas of a solo backpacking trip or renting an RV to take the kids to a national park, Cox says the sabbatical doesn’t have to be travel-related.

“Go rent a cottage on the beach and finish the book you’ve been writing off and on for several years,” she suggests. “Or stay home and build that garden shed you’ve been putting off.”

Lofters can design their sabbaticals to build new skills, make a difference, break out of the 9-5 routine, and have fun.

“It really is that simple. We just want the sabbatical to be a special and memorable experience,” says Cox.

How It Works

Eligibility – The sabbatical is open to Lofters who have worked for Salesloft for six years.

Determination – Lofters must apply for the sabbatical six months ahead of the desired time off. Once approved, the employee will submit a transition plan to ensure their work is appropriately covered while away.

Goals – While on sabbatical, Lofters should unplug, relax, and have a great time, but also reflect on their future goals.

Obligations upon return – Lofters should prepare to share their stories, inspiration, and photos detailing their sabbatical experiences.

Looking Back To Move Forward

Upon plenty of reflection, Jay Warden says his time on sabbatical was well spent. “It really sparked a lot of passions and hobbies that I had put on ice for a long time, and also helped me find some clarity and create goals for myself once I returned to my new role back at work.”

Visit our Careers page if you’re interested in joining our team. It’s the first step toward taking us up on the sabbatical offer.

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