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Summer '21 Launch | Outcome Analytics


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Welcome to the Summer '21 edition of the Salesloft Product Update. In this post, we'll share all the features and enhancements included in this launch.

What do I need to know?

Here are two tips to help you navigate this announcement.

Summer '21 Highlights

Pinpoint your best cadences with Cadence Outcomes

Team Cadence Email graphic

Rank your new cadences by their effectiveness in driving the revenue results that drive your business. Use the Cadences Page to identify your top-performing new cadences by meetings booked and opportunities created. Available this week.

Track performance to plan with Outcomes Dashboard

Manager Dashboard Email graphic

Immediately surface how your team is performing against your desired outcomes. This new dashboard will help managers answer questions such as: How are we pacing to goal? Does my team need to focus on executing more activities or being more efficient? Available July ‘21.

Pressure test your forecast with Deal Engagement Score

Deal Score and Insight Email graphic

Prioritize the deals with a higher likelihood to close and gain confidence in your forecast with our advanced machine-learning score that synthesizes over 25 deal factors. Additionally, key factors impacting your score will guide you to where you can proactively de-risk your open opportunities. Available July ‘21.

Requires Enterprise or Sell plans.

More Summer '21 Product Updates

Cadence Banner

New Emails Page Experience: Enjoy the new Emails Page experience, optimizing the way users send and manage emails with bulk actions, detailed notifications, roll-over details, and robust filtering.

Ranking Activities and Outcomes: Understand which teammates are driving the most meetings and opportunities for your revenue team. One of your favorite Salesloft Analytics reports now includes important outcomes metrics in addition to activities!

Analytics | Display By Group & User: Compare performance across Group & User, at the same time, all from the same Analytics report.

Meeting Attribution: Want to know which of your activities are having the biggest impact on booked meetings? Meetings Attribution ensures credit for each meeting booked is applied to the activity and cadence that drove that outcome.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Authorization: Does your team utilize the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration? Ensure your team continues to enjoy an important social engagement channel by checking that the integration is toggled on in your Integration Settings!

Meetings Panel on Actions Dashboard: Your home dashboard is now your Action Dashboard and includes a new Meetings Panel, allowing users to view their upcoming meetings and take notes on the fly.

Sunsetting Analytics Overview Export (July 16, 2021): The “Export Reports” button is being sunset from the Analytics Overview and Ranking pages, only. The new approach for exporting data is directly from an individual report (e.g. Team Reports). As a benefit, any filters and column management on individual reports will be mirrored in the export!

Cadence Enhancements:

  • Recommended Steps: Building a cadence is even easier with next step recommendations.
  • Frameworks + LinkedIn: All frameworks now work with or without LinkedIn Sales Navigator!
  • List Enhancements: Filter Accounts by Custom Fields.
  • Chrome extension: Users now have the ability to edit custom fields (contact and opportunity records) inline within the Chrome extension.
  • Multi-touch in SFDC: Users can now run multi-touch cadence steps from Salesloft’s SFDC Chrome extension.
  • Analytics | UX updates: Frozen top row, new total row on bottom, and more complete bread crumbs.
  • Analytics | New data: New “People Added to Cadence” data and new “Email Template Type” filter.
Conversations Banner

Expanded Web Conferencing Integrations: Announcing support for a new video conferencing solution, Microsoft Teams(A)! And a more robust, native API integration with Webex(A)!

Conversations Enhancements:

Platform Banner

CRM Sync Alert Notifications | Picklist Error + Guided Steps(A): Avoid CRM syncing errors that can cause contact and account data issues. Picklist errors -- such as field values that don't match between the CRM and Salesloft or incorrectly mapped fields – text-to-picklist or picklist-to-text -- now automatically alert admins with step-by-step instructions empowering them to remedy the issue immediately.

Platform Enhancements:

Deals Banner

Stakeholders Panel: Manage your stakeholder engagement for each of your open opportunities from the redesigned Deals panel. Search for, add, edit, and remove stakeholders -- Check engagement stats for each stakeholder -- Check the last date of engagement


And check out our new integration partners!

  • Hubspot: Connect, clean, and automate your Salesloft and HubSpot CRM data. With HubSpot Operations Hub, you can say goodbye to messy lead handoffs, inconsistent forecasts, and time-consuming data exports and imports.
  • 6sense: Engage prospects with highly personalized, relevant, and timely activities. Sellers can now view 6sense account and people insights directly within Salesloft.
  • Enablix: Enablix users can browse and search their content stored on the Enablix platform. With Enablix, sales team members have a central place to access all the relevant content and material that they need for selling.
  • Build winning, buyer-persona-based Cadences and Cadence content and import them directly into Salesloft in minutes. With 15 REGIE Cadences and 5 Salesloft best practice Cadences, you can create Cadences specific to your unique use case.


We strongly recommend you consult the Knowledge Base articles linked above. If you need more assistance, check out our on-demand product update video for a detailed overview. Also, free to reach out to for more information—we’re here to help!


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