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Spring '21 Launch | Deal Engagement Score


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REMINDER: Salesloft has moved to a quarterly launch rhythm, so the next announcement you can expect from us will be in mid-June 2021.

Now on to the main event!

Welcome to the Spring '21 edition of the Salesloft Product Update. In this post, we'll share all the features and enhancements included in this launch.

What do I need to know?

Here are two tips to help you navigate this announcement.

Spring '21 Highlights

Cadence Frameworks

Cadence Frameworks take 2 full size 300x254

Get started strong with pre-built Cadences Frameworks.

Frameworks are Cadence outlines informed by industry-leading best practices and thought leadership, to get you to ‘yes’ faster.

Cadence Step Analytics

Step Analytics full size 300x265

Maximize the performance of your Cadences with Cadence Step Analytics.

Double down on what’s working by finding the steps and channels generating the most successful outcomes. Additionally, you’ll have visibility into both where and why contacts are dropping out of a Cadence.

Deal Engagement Score

Deal Engagement Score full size 300x234

Coming soon! Prioritize the deals with a higher likelihood to close and pressure test your forecast with Deal Engagement Score.

Our advanced machine-learning model synthesizes over 30 engagement factors and provides deal insights and key factors that will guide you to where you can de-risk your open opportunities.

Requires Enterprise or Sell plans.

All Spring '21 Product Updates

Cadence Banner

Cadence Overview & Cadence People Metrics: Easily evaluate Cadence output and help sellers quickly understand how a Cadence is performing. Gain more clarity on Cadence Structure, Effort, and Email Engagement overall, directly from the Cadence Overview and Cadence People pages.

Run Cadences from Person and Account Activity Feed: Easily execute your Cadence steps when working on a specific person or account. Take action in context of a contact’s most recent activities, directly from the Activity Feed on both the Person and Account Profile pages.

Field Search & In-line Editing on Persons and Accounts: Quickly search and update fields on Person and Account pages, including hidden fields! Edit Person details directly in-line with just a click.

Prioritize Cadence Steps by Account: Organize your day and manage the daily punch list, streamlining how you execute Cadences, hitting your most important account first. The sorted order is applied to both the home dash and the Salesloft side panel so you can start at the top and work your way down, easy!

Create Person Modal: Save time and reduce clicks when creating a new Person and easily link a new Person to an existing account. Salesloft auto-populates specific fields and detects email addresses for existing Person records.

People List | UX Improvements: Work faster with the updated look and feel of the People List. Quickly add and import People, locate the People you want to action, save filtered views, and update information on People records in bulk.

Domain Send Limits**: Protect your email reputation by setting send limits for specific domains and prevent teams from inadvertently spamming accounts. Limits only apply to emails sent via a Cadence over a rolling 24 hour period. Once a domain limit has been reached, impacted users will be notified.

Cadence Report | Advanced Filters: Get to the answer, faster, with our most advanced Cadence Report to date. Filter by inbound vs outbound and also select just the Team Cadences you want to analyze with an all-new multi-select Cadence Name filter. Also, both ‘# of Steps’ and ‘Step Type’ are now included in your Cadence Reports!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Report: Measure precisely how your teams are leveraging LinkedIn as part of their multi-channel engagement approach with insight into LinkedIn Sales Navigator Research, Introductions, Connections, and InMails.

Conversations Banner

Conversation Capture Visual Indicator: "How do I know this meeting will be recorded?" We are so glad you asked! Easily confirm what meetings are set for Conversation capture and which aren’t, ensuring you capture only the meetings you want, and not the ones you don’t.

Salesforce Opportunity Conversation Sync** (Coming soon): Managers, coaches, and sellers alike can access and leverage core opportunity data for linked Conversations. You can even build and save filtered playlist views!

Conversations Supported Web Conferencing Solutions | Google Meet and Microsoft Teams (Coming soon): Conversations adds a layer of analysis on top of recorded calls and meetings to identify trends and coaching opportunities and is compatible with the Salesloft Dialer and select Web Conferencing Solutions. Conversations is happy to be adding Microsoft Teams and Google Meet to the list of supported Conversation Solutions!

Platform Banner

Picklists | Custom Fields on Account Records: Increase data accuracy by re-creating your account picklists from Salesforce Account records into Salesloft.

Groups Hierarchy | User Lists**: Admins can quickly audit and take action on their Salesloft users by Groups. From the Groups Settings page, clicking on the user count icon will pull up a list of all users within that specific group, making user management a breeze!

Deals Banner

Stakeholders Panel (Coming soon): Manage your stakeholder engagement for each of your open opportunities from the redesigned Deals panel. Search for, add, edit, and remove stakeholders -- Check engagement stats for each stakeholder -- Check the last date of engagement


And check out our new integration partners!

  • Cadence Builder by Regie (Coming soon): Go further with Cadence Builder by Technology Partner, Regie, and build Cadences tailored to your audiences with best-practice frameworks and pre-populated email content.
  • A deep learning prospecting solution that cleans, enriches, and categorizes key customer data to surface new leads from data partners. Reps can add these leads to Salesloft Cadences.
  • Stack Moxie: A simple, automated way to QA, test landing pages, campaigns, and integrations. Automate monitoring, test multiple different personas and variations, and schedule test to ensure everything is running as expected.
  • Syncari: A new data automation platform for regaining control of your data and data quality. Sync Account & Person data to/from Salesloft to a Synapse in Syncari.
  • Team Dialer by Connect Leader: An agent-assisted dialing solution. Import your contacts that have a Cadence call step due, and execute in Team Dialer. As calls are completed, they appear in Salesloft.
  • Meeting Assistant: An AI-powered scheduling solution that automates booking of all types of meetings, synchronizes contact information, and pushes meeting updates.


We strongly recommend you consult the Knowledge Base articles linked above. If you need more assistance, check out our on-demand product update video for a detailed overview. Also, free to reach out to for more information—we’re here to help!


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