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Salesloft Announces New Platform Enhancements and Rhythm Integrations to Drive Increased Seller Efficiency


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New capabilities to the company’s platform assist revenue teams to streamline workflows and improve revenue outcomes  

ATLANTA, November 16, 2023 – Salesloft, provider of the first and only global AI-powered revenue workflow platform, today announced enhancements to its platform, further solidifying the company as a leader and first-mover in a rapidly evolving market. Salesloft has added new capabilities and features across the platform, including an open API for customers to inject their own custom data into Rhythm, 11 new Rhythm partner integrations for a total of 16 partner integrations to date, deeper intelligence in Conversations, and the first and only Android app for sales engagement. These enhancements optimize the way revenue teams work together to forecast, achieve quotas, and improve ROI across the sales tech stack. 

“This year Salesloft delivered Rhythm, the AI-powered action engine for sales,” said Ellie Fields, Chief Product Officer at Salesloft. "Rhythm brings buyer signals from across the tech stack directly into seller workflows so they can act on them. We've seen tremendous response from customers as well as from tech partners. The industry has long needed a center of gravity for sellers to help them be more productive and drive better outcomes."  

Details on the enhancements include:  

  • Open API expands scope and speed to market for future Rhythm integrations: A new self-service, open API from Salesloft enables third-parties – both software integration partners and Salesloft customers – to inject data into Salesloft and trigger custom Rhythm workflows, significantly speeding up time to market and supporting customers’ unique business needs. For example, a customer could take advantage of their highly-complex and proprietary lead scoring program in Salesloft by setting up a custom integration that sends the data as signals into the seller’s Rhythm queue, automatically prompting the seller with an appropriate next step.
  • New Rhythm partner integrations take advantage of underutilized buyer intent data and scale best practices across the sales organization: With 11 new Salesloft Rhythm partner integrations in Q4, teams can create customizable workflows that turn insights from their tech stack into actionable next best steps for the seller. New partners include LeanData, LeadIQ, Showpad, UserGems, Reachdesk, Equilar, Trumpet, Influ2, B2Brain, HippoVideo, and GetAccept. Salesloft has existing Rhythm integrations with G2, DocuSign, Seismic, Vidyard and Highspot. With 40% of executives reporting that sellers need to log into 4-5+ applications to perform their job, these integrations improve seller efficiency by reducing manual administrative tasks and eliminating context-switch between multiple apps.
  • Trend analytics from sales conversations provide deeper insight into underlying problems: Salesloft Conversations records and transcribes virtual meetings and surfaces insights that are directly actionable in the sales workflow. New capabilities track keywords across conversations and visualize patterns over time so sales teams can identify hidden problems or areas of opportunity; for example, changes in competitor mentions that indicate a rising challenger or product complaints that point to unmet customer needs.
  • First sales engagement app for Android devices:  Salesloft Mobile is now available for Android users on the Google Play Store. Now all Salesloft customers – whether they are on iOS, Android, or both – can take advantage of the power of Salesloft from anywhere. Salesloft Mobile functionality gives sellers the flexibility to work from wherever they are and allows them to run their Cadences and day-to-day operations. Like the Salesloft platform, the Salesloft mobile app is localized across multiple languages including English, French, German, and Spanish. The app is also available in dark mode to enhance accessibility. 

Salesloft recently announced performance metrics for sellers who have adopted Rhythm, Salesloft’s AI-powered workflow solution. Rhythm, which launched in Summer 2023, translates buyer behavior into the most immediate and impactful seller actions in a single prioritized workflow customized to each seller. Trending data shows sellers using Rhythm are more productive. Account executives are completing 39% more tasks per day post-Rhythm adoption, while sales development reps are seeing a 57% lift in productivity. Active users are also benefiting from 23% more meetings scheduled for the same amount of activity by using Rhythm. More meetings mean more time in front of customers and more opportunities to land and close new deals. Account executive use cases have also shown a 20% reduction in average deal length, 25% increase in close rates and 2x increase in average contract value (ACV). 

"There is a reassurance that your day-to-day and your morning is not so consumed by constantly sourcing, constantly having to keep an eye on your pipeline," said Kaycee Decker, Sales Ops Analyst at Wrike. “People are scared AI is taking their jobs. It’s the opposite with Salesloft. It’s improving your job and freeing you up to do more meaningful work.”

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