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Salesloft Recognized as #7 Fastest Growing Company


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Deloitte released its annual Fast 500™ rankings - which showcases the 500 fastest growing public and private companies in North America for 2017 - and announced we have earned the #7 spot.

Fast 500 rankings are based on each company’s revenue growth over the past three years, which for Salesloft was more than 13,000%. Where’s all that growth coming from? Increased market demand for modern sales technology - and for at least 2,000 or so of our customers, a shared belief that modern sales should be more about authentic, sincere interactions than insincere mass outreach programs and other less personal sales strategies.

We recognize that this award would not have been possible without the steadfast belief of the thousands of customers that have continued to trust in us to accelerate the growth of their sales organizations. Customers are looking for our modern sales engagement platform to help them improve the efficiency and performance of their sales teams - but they also want to be more human at the same time. Sales is personal. Sales is methodical. We’re giving customers the best of both worlds: sincerity and scale.

Salesloft has been intentional from the beginning in holding true to the belief that technology will make the best sales reps better, not replace them. It’s an ambitious mission to change how organizations sell, but our growth so far suggests we’re not alone in wanting to inject more honesty, thoughtfulness, and context into the sales process.

This growth validates that there is a large market of B2B organizations that want to change their go to market approach - and every board, CEO and CRO who cares about reputation, relevancy, and results are rethinking the sales experience that they want to provide to their customers.

On behalf of the believers in creating a better sales experience, we say thank you!

For more information on Deloitte’s Fast 500 rankings for 2017, please visit the Fast 500 website here.

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