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Salesloft Mobile Changes the Game


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It’s time to break the chain. 

With the Salesloft Mobile app, say goodbye to an old-school selling motion that keeps you chained to your desk. You don’t need to wait until you are back at your laptop to engage with prospects or move deals forward. With access to Salesloft anytime, anywhere, you can engage in the moment – so your deals never slip through the cracks.  

We hear it time and time again: the greatest value reps get from Salesloft is that it tells them what to do, without ever needing to think about it. 

That feedback evolved into our mantra for updates to our mobile functionality: See what you need to do —and do it. 

To us, this means giving sellers more access to the Salesloft platform, straight from their mobile device. It means giving them the option to orchestrate all of their Cadences and Tasks, at any time or place, so that they can see what they need to do and then do it from virtually anywhere. 

Let us introduce the newest version of Salesloft Mobile, where reps have the option to:

  • Run Cadences and day-to-day operations 
  • Add prospects to Cadences
  • Deliver high-quality, personalized emails 
  • Send Salesloft SMS messages on mobile
mobile workflow graphic

Work How You Work and Where You Work

When it comes to where you live and breathe and work every single day, you want your technology to keep up with how you work, where you work, and to be a seamless part of  everything you're doing.

That’s why the updates to Salesloft Mobile are rooted in the empathy we feel for our users. From remote sellers trapped at their desk to sellers getting back on the road, everyone needs more flexibility. 

As we created new workflows in Salesloft Mobile, we talked to field reps who are stuck choosing whether to: 

  1. Stop everything they’re doing in between meetings, get out their laptop, connect to a hotspot, open Salesloft, and then finally log their activity. Or
  2. Wait until the end of a long day on the road to finally login and knock out next steps, usually when the people they need to reach are already offline.

(If you ask us, neither option is ideal.)  

With the option to run Cadences and complete Tasks on the go, reps can take action in the moment. Remote sellers can step away to grab a midday cup of coffee without worrying about a missed phone call, and field reps can drop the prospect they just met into a follow-up Cadence as they walk out the door. 

It's the dose of freedom that all sellers need. 

Execute Sales Activities Seamlessly On the Go 

Inspiration for our mobile experience stemmed from the simplicity, depth, and mobility of a Spotify playlist. With an app like Spotify, you can punch through your playlist, or learn more about the song you’re listening to, its lyrics, and the artist, with just one click. Similarly, Salesloft Mobile gives users: 

  • A to-do list of Cadence steps and Tasks, with options to filter and group
  • Details on a person or account they need to contact, plus the option to dive deeper for more context
  • Quick and easy workflow to knock out activities seamlessly

And there’s no need to learn another system. Salesloft Mobile mirrors the Salesloft web app interface, so users can jump right in and take action quickly. 

Make Every Seller Your Best Seller 

Improvements to the mobile experience places Salesloft right inside reps’ back pockets. 

With the ability to access their workflow from virtually anywhere, users don’t have to wait to open their laptop to run their Cadence steps and Tasks. Instead, they can be incredibly responsive to their prospects and the signals they’re receiving in real time. 

Not only does this make sellers’ workday smoother, but it lets them be more productive — and yes, that means taking away the painful two hours spent logging calls and activities at the end of the day. Whether it’s research on their prospect or time to rope in a product manager about feature requests, the ability to work on the go gives sellers time back to do more actual selling work. 

With sales plays and next steps in the palm of their hand, sellers can chip away at non-selling time, which means more opportunities to close revenue. 

Whether you’re a field rep jumping from meeting to meeting in an unfamiliar city, or an SDR who is craving a midday pick-me-up at your favorite coffee shop, working away from your laptop has never been easier. Salesloft Mobile gives sellers the power to take action in the moment when it matters most, so you can see what you need to do, and do it. 

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Leading with creativity, energy, and data, Bryan has a strong passion for finding unique solutions to problems users did not even think could be solved. He thrives to build software products that make the user experience easier -- and above all --- that users love to use.

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