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Salesloft Launches REVstars Program to Recognize the Game Changers in Revenue and Sales


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Close your eyes. Take a minute to remember your best boss or mentor.

A leader who supported you from the shadows, without expectation or fuss. Someone that delivered candid advice and uncommon inspiration. A diplomat who got things done. A visionary that moved people and made a difference.

This is what the sales industry’s most inspiring leaders do every day, often without celebration or reward. Coaching an AE to close their first million dollar deal. Steering sales strategy to put the customer first. Fighting to get the best possible tools and the right compensation for their team.

Recognition has always been a big part of sales culture. Successful salespeople get rewarded for a job well done. But what about the leaders who inspire those sellers every day?

We’re launching the REVstars program to showcase and celebrate revenue leaders who are leading change in the industry.

These are people who put team before self. They’ve shifted from fixation on numbers to obsession for customers. They’re leading with a team mindset that unites all revenue-generating activities to drive exceptional customer experiences.

REVstars also inspire colleagues in and outside their company walls. They seek new ways to solve big problems. And they embrace technology to tackle the industry’s toughest challenges.

In short, REVstars embody where sales is going.

REVstars are nominated by community partners and industry influencers in the sales and revenue space. They can be at any stage of their career but must lead a team and use a sophisticated technology stack. Nominations are open to all sales and revenue professionals.

We’ll showcase each REVstar class at Salesloft’s annual REV conference, online, and at events throughout the year.

Our REVstars classes are treated to an A-list experience. This is not your average meet-and-greet. Members participate in a cover-worthy, styled photoshoot with famed LA fashion photographer Lauri Levenfeld. Then we conduct in-depth video interviews to learn about what drives these leaders.

REVstars are leading the charge towards the revenue model of tomorrow, today.

Do you know a future REVstar? We want to hear from you⁠ — email us at!

A unique program sponsored by Salesloft, REVstars celebrates sales and revenue professionals who demonstrate outstanding innovation and impact in the sales industry

ATLANTA, GA -- January 22, 2020 -- Salesloft, provider of the #1 Sales Engagement Platform, today announced the launch of REVstars, a new program dedicated to recognizing modern sales and revenue professionals who are leading the transformation in the sales industry. REVstars are nominated by their community, peers, and industry influencers.

“REVstars are customer delighters, team players, and overall amazing humans. They know that customers want better experiences and they are dedicated to delivering them,” said Sydney Sloan, CMO at Salesloft. “The REVstar program celebrates the person behind the professional. We are honored to tell their stories, showcase their impact, and give them a platform to inspire others.”

REVstars constantly seek new ways to solve big problems, and they embrace technology to tackle some of the industry’s toughest challenges. They put customers ahead of quota. They focus on forming lasting relationships that drive long-term revenue, not pitching the latest feature. 

The first class of REVstars was recognized during Dreamforce in November 2019 and included Kevin Dorsey, VP Sales at PatientPop, Stephanie Elsesser, head of sales at Rigor, and Jessica Fewless, vice president of customer experience at DemandBase, among others. 

The next REVstars class will be recognized this coming March during Salesloft’s annual conference, REV2020. Each REVstar will be showcased with an in-depth video interview and featured at Salesloft events and the website. 

To nominate a REVstar, email Salesloft at

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