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Salesloft Joined By 18 Atlanta Fast Movers


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Deloitte’s publication last week of it’s annual Fast 500(™) rankings listed a record 19 Atlanta-based firms earning a spot on its annual list of the fastest growing public and private companies in North America.

This is the strongest showing for Atlanta-area companies in the history of the Fast 500, breaking the previous record of 13 set first in 2012, and again in 2015. On the topic of broken records, it’s also the first time an Atlanta company has cracked the top 10, which we were pleased to announce Salesloft accomplished by ranking #7 on this year’s list for our 13,759% growth rate.

The highest an Atlanta company has ranked in previous years is #20, which MacStadium achieved in 2016. Speaking of MacStadium, the company is one of three firms to return to the Fast 500 in 2017. MacStadium and CallRail, who debuted at #34 in 2016, have made the list for the second year in a row, while Cardlytics returns this year after first making the list at #25 in 2015.

The full list of Atlanta companies on the Fast 500 includes: #7 - Salesloft (13,759% growth) #44 - QA Symphony (3687% growth) #84 - Alimera Sciences (1707% growth) #121 - Kabbage (978% growth) #125 - MacStadium (929% growth) #128 - CallRail (905% growth) #149 - Urjanet (735% growth) #242 - Sharecare (398% growth) #245 - Cardlytics (396% growth) #258 - P2Sample (352% growth) #263 - QGenda (347% growth) #298 - ClickDimensions (290% growth) #342 - Wahoo Fitness (235% growth) #355 - Simeio Solutions (226% growth) #433 - Parkmobile (179% growth) #468 - Digirad Corporation (154% growth) #486 - Softpath System (146% growth) #489 - FactorTrust (144% growth) #494 - Proliant (141% growth)

Over the past few years, Atlanta has consistently been named one of the leading technology hubs in the U.S. The steady increase in the number of Atlanta companies qualifying for the Fast 500 since 2009 supports this claim. The record number 19 Atlanta companies making the list this year, with an average growth rate of 1,202%, supports this claim. There's a steady increase in the number of Atlanta companies qualifying for the Fast 500 since 2009. It’s likely even more Atlanta companies will rank - and rank higher - in the years to come.

Salesloft, allied with organizations like ATDC, the Atlanta Tech Village, and Invest Atlanta, along with the broader technology community as a whole, are aligned in making sure that happens, providing the support, guidance and resources startups need to scale and become the next Fast 500 success story.

After Deloitte announced our #7 ranking late last week, a lot of people asked us, “How did you do it?” While we are pleased with the ranking and grateful for the recognition, we haven’t ‘done it’ yet - this is a snapshot of our growth to date. Our goal is to help companies realize all the benefits of modern sales, without losing the human elements that can sometimes be lost when introducing more automation into the sales process.

If there is a ‘secret’ to our success it would be YOU, our customers and friends.

Specifically, our good fortune to find so many people who share our beliefs about what modern sales is about. We’re in this together. Our belief that sales is about authentic, sincere interactions.  It resists the temptation by sales technologies to automate, cut corners, and engage in impersonal mass outreach (the quantity over quality failure path).

We hope that the recognition we’ve earned with our Fast 500 ranking piques the curiosity of like-minded B2B organizations. Those who have yet to discover the alternatives Salesloft makes possible. Organizations who want the best of both sales worlds - big productivity gains and deeper, more meaningful customer interactions.

We know these are the beliefs shared by our Atlanta peers on this year’s Fast 500. Salesloft would like to offer a hearty congratulations to all of our neighbors who also rank among the fastest growing companies in North America for 2017. As Atlanta continues to develop as a major tech hub in the U.S., we look forward to having more companies from our region earn even higher rankings in future editions of the Fast 500.

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