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Salesloft Introduces the Modern Revenue Workspace™


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ATLANTA, September 8, 2021 - Salesloft today introduced the Modern Revenue Workspace™, an industry-first innovation to make selling easier, faster, and more successful for sellers and sales teams. 

Today’s companies are challenged with too many disconnected sales tools that over-promise, under-deliver, and don’t work well together. Cobbled together tech stacks, combined with spreadsheets and manual tasks, prevent sellers from doing their best work. Even with more data and software than ever, sellers struggle to get deal insights and forecast accurately.

“When COVID-19 forced companies to pivot to digital selling, the sales tech market exploded,” said Salesloft CEO Kyle Porter. “But more software has actually made sellers’ lives harder. They’re failing to hit revenue targets because too much of their time is spent navigating between tools and doing manual work arounds. Sellers need more efficiency in executing day-to-day tasks. They need insights on performance, time for coaching, and collaboration with their team to advance deals.”

Salesloft is building the ultimate experience for both sellers and buyers. The Modern Revenue Workspace™ leverages the company’s industry-leading Cadence, Conversations, Deals, and Analytics products with new integrated workflows that allow sellers to seamlessly work across the platform. In just a few clicks, sellers can:

  • Engage customers from Deals – sellers can make one-off calls, emails, texts, and book meetings while drilling into an opportunity.
  • Access Conversations everywhere – sellers can catch up on the most recent recorded conversations or history of interactions while on an account, contact, or opportunity.
  • Action Meeting no-shows – sellers can immediately action no-shows from the new meetings panel to make sure they can reconnect with every prospect.

Sellers now have one place to access all the critical tools for digital selling. Data and AI are integrated into the seller’s day-to-day workflow to help them identify the most engaged prospects and winnable deals so they can take action faster. Teams can work together to coach and collaborate to advance deals.

“We are introducing a new way to sell,” said Ellie Fields, Chief Product Officer at Salesloft. “Salesloft is giving sellers and sales teams everything they need in one place with a simple, elegant, and easy to use interface. They have one prioritized action queue that lets them engage with buyers, know what to do next, and get the coaching and insights they need to win. Only Salesloft can give sellers everything they need, right in their workflow, so they can better serve customers and win more deals.”

“As a company that has been enabling remote work for more than 30 years, we know you have to have the right technology to keep employees engaged and productive wherever they happen to be,” said Hope Simmons, VP of Digital Sales for Citrix. ”With The Modern Revenue Workspace™, we can provide coaching to our digital sales team that enables them to be and do their best whether they are working at home, in the office, or on the road. The analytics capabilities planned for the solution hold the potential to deliver valuable insights, which we can leverage to do this in a more personal and efficient way.”

The company also debuted a new brand identity and campaign. “Helping sellers and sales teams is at the heart of everything we do,” said Sydney Sloan, Chief Marketing Officer at Salesloft. “We have a new look and we’re telling a new story about sales. We know to reach their highest potential, sellers need a partner that cares about their aspirations and helps them achieve something greater. That is Salesloft.”

Salesloft recently released new enhancements to its Conversations product, including an improved transcription engine, a new Google Meet integration, and a native Zoom integration. The expansion of video conferencing provider support helps managers leverage all the rich data from these recorded conversations for insight and coaching. It also helps more users focus on the actions that matter most - listening, understanding, and engaging with customers.

These exciting innovations come on the heels of significant momentum for Salesloft. The company recently announced it has surpassed $100 million in annual recurring revenue in its second quarter and added Calendly CEO and Co-Founder Tope Awotona to its Board of Directors. Salesloft additionally announced it’s opening a data center in Germany and doubling its European employee staff to accommodate +125% revenue growth in the European market. 

Learn more about the Modern Revenue Workspace™ here

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