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Salesloft Feature Updates 5/14/14


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Charles R. Swindoll said,

Here at Salesloft, we completely agree. It's time to highlight our top three new features!

Search Full Names On Google

feature graphic 1

Sometimes when prospecting on your professional network you come across contacts with first name, last initial. When you click "add" on this contact, it will result in a missing email, noting we need additional information.

How do you find that information? Simple, click "Search On Google." More often than not, the top result on Google will be the full name of the prospect you are looking for. Click "Add to Prospector" and continue prospecting!

Find Company Website

feature graphic 2

When you review prospects in Salesloft, you may see the company website is missing, which results in not finding emails. This happens for different reasons: There may be limited information on the user's profile or company page, or their company doesn't have a profile page.

What do you do now?

Well, you will be prompted with the "Find Website" button to locate it. Once you see the correct domain, click "use" or feel free to type it in on your own, and hit "save." The page will refresh and we'll start to communicate with the server and provide you with the results you're looking for!

Salesloft Shortcut

feature graphic 3

It’s a quick shortcut to people and company searches on Google, LinkedIn, and even Salesforce.

For example, let's say you were reading an article about Atlanta Tech Village, and it mentions a company that sounds really interesting -- we'll use "Salesloft" as an example. Just highlight the keyword you are interested in, right-click, and go to the "Salesloft Prospector" section to find the shortcuts you need!

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