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Salesloft Expands Platform Capabilities


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Top Sales Engagement Platform Delivers Market-Leading Innovations for Sales Professionals

ATLANTA – March 7, 2019 – Salesloft, the provider of the leading Sales Engagement Platform, announced today its latest innovation plan to provide users the ability to deliver better customer experiences. Sales teams are looking forward to the launch of Salesloft’s new mobile app, machine learning, and new reporting framework. These new capabilities allow sales organizations to build better pipeline, manage more deals, build stronger relationships and improve sales processes.

“We are committed to driving exceptional selling experiences,” said Salesloft’s CEO, Kyle Porter. “By putting customers first and listening to their needs, we are able to innovate solutions and continually evolve our industry-leading platform.”

During the annual conference, Rainmaker, Salesloft’s VP of Product, Butler Raines, will formally debut these new platform advances designed to help companies unlock insights and embed intelligence to revolutionize their sales performance and achieve new levels of engagement.

  • New Mobile App securely extends the power of Salesloft to enable salespeople to make, record, and log Salesloft calls directly from their IOS device. Users can easily add new contacts to cadences and receive push notifications the moment customers engage in a cadence, communications, or any other tracked actions.
  • Expanded Machine Learning capabilities enable sales professionals to take personalization to the next level. For example, the new seniority model will automatically recognize a person’s position in the organization and place them into the ideal persona-based cadence.
  • Hot Leads injects Artificial Intelligence (AI) into workflows where it counts, prioritizing engaged contacts, so users can focus their efforts connecting with the right people at the right time.
  • New Reporting Framework offers access to native analytics and reporting in Salesloft and within Salesforce. Customers can now have unlimited ability to run reports within Salesforce with our newest dashboard package, Insight from Salesloft™. An open data API allows the creation of real-time custom reports, data visualizations, and configurable dashboards within Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

“I believe sales is about relationships, and sales engagement is essential to building those relationships,” said Salesloft’s Vice President of Product, Butler Raines. “Through data science, conversation intelligence, and efficient account-based workflows, Salesloft lets you focus on what matters most: building relationships and solving customers’ problems.”

Integration Partner Ecosystem Grows More Than 100%

In 2018 Salesloft more than doubled the number of integration partners; more than 50 partners are now part of the partner ecosystem, including:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows sales professionals to build and execute LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps directly from an existing sales workflow. Choose from InMail, Research, Connection Request, and Ask for an Introduction steps to include at exactly the right time in the sales cycle.
  • LeanData provides the Revenue Ops platform to manage all go-to-market activities to increase speed-to-revenue, improve the buyer experience, and align sales and marketing ROI. The LeanData-Salesloft integration extends the power of Routing to seamlessly launch Cadences from within Salesforce based on customized conditions.
  • Showpad for Salesloft App seamlessly integrates with existing sales workflows. In Salesloft, users can easily add content to their email campaigns and gauge their recipients’ level of interest to tailor and time their follow up – delivering a better buyer experience as a result.
  • ConnectandSell integration with Salesloft prevents call task buildup by transforming one-at-a-time call tasks into high-velocity ConnectAndSell sessions that execute in minutes instead of hours. This eliminates stalled cadences waiting for completed call tasks, enables higher velocity, and provides a complete view of performance for all campaigns across all channels.

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