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Huddle Up! How Salesloft Conversations Enhancements Capture More Coachable Moments


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Developing and prioritizing a coaching culture within your organization is tough work, made even harder by the hybrid workplace. 

There are plenty of reasons why. For starters, coaching is time-consuming. Team one-on-ones can gobble up hours in prep and meeting time as sales managers review and participate in sellers’ calls, identify trends where sellers need the most help, and prioritize coaching opportunities. 

But there’s a better way.

Enter Salesloft Conversations.

Salesloft Conversations is designed for time-strapped managers who need performance insights to be a better coach to their sellers. It makes it easy to identify and understand gaps in rep performance, common objections, and other selling challenges that can make or break deals. 

Even better news: Salesloft Conversations just got several new features and product enhancements.

Powerful Conversation Transcriptions for More Meaningful Analysis

It all starts with upgrades to Salesloft Conversations’ transcription engine. With improved accuracy, searchability, and filtering, managers and sellers can easily identify buyer and market trends and coaching opportunities to set more meetings, build more pipeline, speed deal cycles, and improve the chances of winning more deals.

Easy Access to Conversation Intelligence Data in the Places You Work

All the tech in the world doesn’t do you any good if you have to go digging for insights. With the new Conversations Highlights feature, managers and sellers alike get business-critical calls delivered right to their inboxes. 

By bringing essential information into your natural workflow, sales managers will  be able to:

  • Quickly identify coachable moments  
  • Understand the health of strategic deals 
  • Prioritize deals and sellers that need your attention
  • Stay on top of what matters most

Conversations Highlights also automatically links Opportunities in Salesloft to Salesforce, making it possible to filter recordings by key Opportunity fields to surface important calls in-app more easily.

Ensuring Compliance With Enterprise-Ready Features

Uncompromising privacy, security, and compliance are non-negotiable for businesses today, no matter how big or small. Salesloft Conversations helps ensure customers are in compliance with privacy and security regulations with an important new feature.

Recording Announcements will notify participants that calls are being recorded as they join a meeting. Not only is it an important conduit for building trust at the top of the call, it’s also a regulatory requirement for many countries and states within the U.S. 

While the initial release of Recording Announcements is available for Microsoft Teams users, additional API video conferencing providers are currently in development and are expected to release later this year.

Expanded Video Conferencing Capabilities

Speaking of video conferencing, Conversations is now available for Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Now more Salesloft users can tap into the power of Conversations and zero-in on what matters most — listening, understanding, and engaging with prospects and customers — not toggling between windows and taking notes.

Plus, we’ve enhanced our integrations with Zoom and Webex to connect via API. So what does that mean for you? 

It means that, on top of more stability and even better reliability, users can take advantage of  native features and functionality in Zoom and Webex for an even greater experience.

Want to Know More?

Learn more Salesloft Conversations and how you can become a better sales coach. Or, ready to see Salesloft Conversations in action? Request a demo now.

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