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Meet Salesloft’s Chief People Officer, Christine Kaszubski


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Employees love working for Salesloft almost as much as Salesloft loves its customers (almost). It’s true, Salesloft has been recognized as a best place to work by our employees every year since we were founded in 2011. Most recently we were named the #1 Best Employer in Atlanta by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. We also have one of the highest employee satisfaction ratings on Glassdoor - currently 4.9/5.0. Ninety-eight percent of our employees say they would recommend us to their friends.

headshot Christine Kaszubski

Six months ago, we furthered our commitment to employee satisfaction, naming accomplished HR executive Christine Kaszubski the company’s first CPO. Now six months in, we’re taking an opportunity to check in with Christine and learn more about the work her team has been doing to maintain Salesloft’s reputation as Atlanta’s Best Employer.

Why Does Salesloft Need a CPO?

Why does any organization need a CPO? While Salesloft’s employee satisfaction is high and retention is strong, a lot goes into building and scaling a world-class organization.

When Christine joined the company, 50 percent of the current team had less than a year of tenure. Since that time, Salesloft has onboarded close to 100 employees, with plans to hire at least 80 or more before the end of the year.

Our fast-paced growth rate means the role of Chief People Officer is critical to the company’s long-term success. Our CPO is the guiding hand of developing and managing the structure and processes to support growth. This role helps the company find and retain the best, most diverse and inclusive team of professionals. Last but not least, it is imperative that we preserve the values and culture that make Salesloft a place top-talent wants to work.

Building the People Practice

As the first HR executive for a company like Salesloft, where does one begin? Christine focused on developing an employee lifecycle strategy. Employee lifecycle management plays a vital role in rapidly growing organizations. It is key to attracting and retaining top talent, which supports the company’s long-term objectives.

Christine also focused energy on establishing methodology within the HR function. Standardized processes were implemented in place for recruiting, team development, compensation and benefits, and management training and development. As these systems were implemented, she ensured the company’s desire to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion were at the forefront.

Providing opportunities for all employees, regardless of title, ethnicity, gender, or age, is top-of-mind at Salesloft. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is more than a trend; it’s a way of life. Salesloft is proud to have one of the most experienced and diverse teams in the industry.

Progress To Date

Under Christine’s leadership, the HR team has accomplished an incredible amount. We are well-positioned to scale the organization even more in the coming months. Human Resources’ 2018 accomplishments include:

Growing the Team

The HR function has increased from 3 to 7 full-time employees in the past six months. New positions include four in-house recruiters, our People Operations Manager, and an in-house Leadership Coach. The company plans to add additional HR support in 2018 and is currently searching for a Director of Human Resources.

Better, Equal Benefits

The team has reviewed and adjusted its employee benefits programs to ensure Salesloft remains competitive in the talent market. Our goal is to lead the pack in our industry as a progressive company that embraces equality throughout the organization. We actively seek opportunities to promote workplace diversity. In fact, Christine recently contributed to Barb Giamanco’s Conversations with Women in Sales podcast.

An example of our focus on equal benefits in action is the Salesloft’s aggressive parental leave program. The recently-announced benefits provide paid maternal and paternal leave for growing families.

In addition to paid leave, we offer families perks like meal delivery, cleaning services, and free diapers for a year as part of the program. Salesloft also helps make returning to work easier for parents, providing a formal transition program to help parents gradually return to full-time roles.


An obvious priority was to improve our ability to find and recruit the best candidates to join our fast-growing team. Providing the most competitive compensation and benefits program in the industry was an obvious focus. We also prioritized developing a recruiting process that ensures Salesloft consistently approaches the recruiting process fairly and objectively. Admittedly, our interview process is not a short one. The process is intentional, ensuring the right fit for both the company and candidate. Without sacrificing quality and care, our HR team was able to identify opportunities for efficiency. Those improvements resulted in a 42 percent reduction in overall days to fill.

Training & Development

The HR team has expanded its programs to help employees grow and advance as professionals at Salesloft. A full-time Leadership Coach augments our new mentoring and coaching initiatives. Our goal is to help employees excel in their current roles while supporting them in their desired career path.

The team has also expanded its management and executive development tracts for top performers. As Salesloft continues to scale, we place a high value on ensuring we have a diverse group of leaders to drive success.

What’s Next for the CPO?

The HR team has already accomplished a great deal under Christine’s leadership. However, she’ll be the first to tell you there is more to do. The entire HR team is tirelessly working to ensure that Salesloft is recognized as the leading employer in the industry.

The team has big plans in store for Salesloft employees in the coming months. Here is a sneak peak of a few initiatives already underway:

  • An updated onboarding experience for new employees.
  • Expanded training programs for all employees, including plans for improving team communications, enhancing productivity, and formalizing management tracts.
  • Improved employee benefits, including personal finance education and management skills.
  • Organizing a company-wide professional development program.

Please join us in welcoming Christine to Salesloft’s executive leadership team. In light of the HR team’s achievements in the first six months of 2018, we’re confident they will continue to position Salesloft as a best place to work for years to come.

If you’re interested in becoming a “Lofter,” check out our open positions in the Careers section of our website or reach out to one of our current team members via LinkedIn to learn more.

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