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Salesloft Announces Rhythm Powered by Conductor AI, Becomes First Global Revenue Workflow Platform for Full-Cycle Sellers


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Company poised to transform the sales profession by helping sellers take the right actions to yield the best outcomes and increase lifetime value

ATLANTA, June 21, 2023 - Salesloft, provider of the first and only AI-powered revenue workflow platform, today announced the launch of Rhythm. Powered by a proprietary, patent-pending AI engine called Conductor AI, Rhythm translates buyer behavior into the most immediate and impactful seller actions in a single prioritized workflow customized to each seller. Unlike anything else on the market, every prioritized action comes with an explanation of why the action is important, building trust and intuition in sellers. 

“Rhythm will transform how every seller in the world works by taking the complexity out of the revenue workflow,” said David Obrand, CEO of Salesloft. “Technology has forced sellers to work in a way that doesn’t serve them or their customers, but Rhythm does something that’s never been possible before: it closes that gap between buyers and sellers by bringing buyer signals directly into the seller workflow. This is a paradigm shift that will transform how B2B businesses drive revenue by making it faster, easier, and more predictable while also improving the buyer experience.” 

Rhythm seamlessly integrates with CRMs and other sales and marketing technologies so sellers can spend their day in one place instead of swivel-chairing from app to app, maximizing their productivity and outcomes. Here’s how it works:

  • Rhythm ingests buyer signals from across the Salesloft platform and partner integrations. Launch partners this summer include G2, Seismic, Vidyard, and Highspot. 20+ partners are on the roadmap to build integrations to be released in the coming months.
  • Conductor AI ranks and prioritizes the most important and impactful actions to give sellers a clear, comprehensive list of next best steps they can execute in the platform.
  • Conductor AI is constantly learning what actions drive successful outcomes and re-prioritizes the Rhythm workflow in real time based on incoming signals.  
  • New workflows built into Rhythm support sales best practice by adding actions for confirming meetings and following up promptly after a meeting, with action items automatically generated by AI and editable by the seller.   
  • In addition to seeing all actions ranked by priority in Rhythm, users can also choose to focus only on Cadence or Closing actions.

Salesloft Rhythm Graphic

“The day of an account executive is fragmented and chaotic. Sellers are working across too many systems as they engage with buyers and drive opportunities forward,” said Ellie Fields, Chief Product Officer at Salesloft. “Technology hasn’t solved this problem – it’s made it worse by giving them more apps and inboxes to check. What we’ve done with Rhythm is build a signal-to-action system for sellers: a way to bring any kind of signal into the workflow and connect it to an action for a specific seller. This means sellers see all their actions, in one place and prioritized by AI, and can act on them in a few clicks. We designed the system to be open so sales teams can bring in whatever’s most important for their business.” 

“Rhythm will help us make sure that everyone on the team is following our sales process through the full deal cycle,” said Justin Alsamarrai, Director of Sales, Financial Products at enterprise fleet management company Motive. “Salesloft helped us scale our prospecting. Our outbound reps are held responsible for following their Cadence steps because we know they work. Rhythm will allow us to scale that same accountability across our AEs working open deals, which will have a huge impact on our time to close and win rates.”

“Salesloft will give visibility into meaningful buyer activity and significant intent detected on G2 right inside the Rhythm workflow. G2 Buyer Intent signals will provide sellers with relevant context of their buyers’ behaviors, so they can take action to build stronger engagement with a buying group at the right time, every time,” said Todd Detmold, G2’s Senior Director of Product Management. “With this integration, Salesloft and G2 mutual customers will be able to tap into the intelligence of G2 data in the Rhythm workflow and the collective value of our partnership with Salesloft later this summer.“

Salesloft customers can start taking advantage of Rhythm starting today as part of the summer ‘23 release. This release also contains several other platform enhancements, including:

  • AI-generated summaries and action items for meetings recorded in the platform so users can recap and review calls in less time
  • An Android mobile app to complement Salesloft’s industry-leading iOS app

To learn more about all of Salesloft’s latest platform innovations with this product launch, visit

About Salesloft Salesloft is the first AI-powered revenue workflow platform that brings certainty to every revenue action and customer interaction. Close more deals, forecast more accurately, and coach to success throughout your revenue organization. Thousands of the world’s top sales teams, like those at Google, 3M, IBM, Shopify, Square, and Cisco, drive more revenue with Salesloft. For more information visit

See What Salesloft Customers Are Saying About Rhythm

“Watching my reps go through their Rhythm workflow is fantastic. They just run through their steps one by one, one click at a time. It makes me stop and think ‘Where was this when I was a seller?’” – Vedant Namboodiri | Global Sales Operations Manager at Cin7 

“Salesloft Rhythm is going to super-charge our  account-based initiatives across the entire revenue team, from SDRs, to AEs, to CSMs.” – Adam Wieczorek | Vice President, Data at CrossBorder Solutions

“I like how Rhythm brings up the most important things for me to do, especially when I need to catch up after being out of office or just behind the Eight Ball. Before, these tasks would slip through the cracks and I’d just focus on my Cadence steps. But now it’s all in one spot so I can’t miss it.” – Connor Conzelman | Director of Customer Success at ClearCalcs

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