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Salesloft Announces Partnership with Google and Joins Google Cloud Marketplace


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Google Cloud customers can improve their sales productivity and results by integrating the Google products they use every day with the top rated sales engagement platform. 

Salesloft, sales engagement platform and provider of the Modern Revenue Workspace™, today announced it has joined the Google Cloud Marketplace. Google Cloud customers can now procure Salesloft via the Google Cloud Marketplace and fully unite the Modern Revenue Workspace™ with their Google Cloud applications. 

As a Google Cloud partner, Salesloft offers customers one workspace for revenue teams. By making Salesloft available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can retire committed cloud spend while benefiting from deeper product integrations and unified billing. 

“On any given day, salespeople everywhere are bogged down by inefficient processes and digital tools that are not well integrated,” said Ellie Fields, Chief Product Officer at Salesloft. “This can lead to a chaotic workflow for sellers, who don’t have the automation, structure and connection channels they need to be more effective. By partnering with Google Cloud, Salesloft is enabling our customers to securely execute their sales activities from anywhere and simplify the complexities of managing their IT stack. This is a platform built for sellers, by sellers with their needs and pain points in mind.” 

Salesloft offers revenue teams a connected selling experience with the Google applications they use every day. Key features include: 

  • Salesloft Connect for Gmail: Reps manage their workflow where they already work - their Gmail inbox. The extension allows salespeople to access the full platform, as well as have a completely connected Salesloft experience. Furthermore, this will empower process adherence with templates, Cadences, dialer, workflow reminders, and more. Salespeople can send, log and track one-to-one emails via Gmail directly from Salesloft, and send Cadence emails via Gmail. 
  • Integrated calendaring: Salesloft customers can now schedule prospect and customer meetings within Google Calendar. Reps can access custom meeting links and insert availability options for individuals and teams, in addition to branded scheduling windows. Admins have access to robust governance settings. 
  • Google Meet in Salesloft Conversations: Salesloft Conversations records and transcribes meetings and identifies the areas most important to reps with X-Ray filters. Google Meet meetings can be shared among team members and linked to opportunities to present coaching opportunities for managers. 
  • Salesloft Chrome Extension: This allows customers to receive alerts, Hot Leads notifications and updates on Cadence actions. Salespeople can now place phone calls via the Salesloft Dialer from any Chrome browser window, integrated directly in their Google Calendar.

“Salesloft’s ease of use means that activities are seamlessly captured across the entire merchant journey (SDR, Sales, Onboarding) without being perceived as a burden,” said Kyle Norton, Head of Revenue & Merchant Success, Canada at Shopify. “Therefore, as a revenue leader, I have significant visibility to understand, inspect, and problem-solve our business even while our teams are fully distributed. Activity capture isn’t just a nice-to-have in a remote world. It’s a business-critical necessity.”

“Organizations and sales leaders are increasingly seeking out ways to simplify processes and the number of solutions used by their sales teams,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Initiatives, Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to have Salesloft’s Modern Revenue Workspace solution now available on Google Cloud Marketplace to provide customers the tools and technologies needed to support the work and goals of their field teams.” 

Learn more about Salesloft and the Modern Revenue Workspace™ here

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