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Salesloft Announces New Technology Partner Program


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Today Salesloft, leading sales engagement platform and provider of the Modern Revenue Workspace™, announced a new Technology Partner Program to enable partners to achieve growth together and provide a guided path to success with Salesloft. Leading companies 6sense, Vidyard, LeanData, Sendoso, Seismic, Drift, and Orum have all been awarded Tier Status in this new Technology Program.

Customer Value and Partner Growth

Salesloft’s ecosystem of more than 110 robust, integrated applications from over 100 existing Technology partners allows customers to curate and customize their revenue tech stack with the Modern Revenue Workspace. On average, Salesloft customers use at least two technology integrations with the platform, and 20% of customers use three or more. To help these partnerships thrive, the new Technology Partner Program will provide partners with thoughtful marketing, enablement, and product resources, as well as a path to success with Salesloft. 

“By having integrations with Salesloft it’s gotten a lot quicker and easier for our reps to work, allowing them to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on actually engaging with their prospects - what they’re here to do,” said Paulina Ludwigstorff, Global Graduate at Grundfos.

“Having a sales tech ecosystem is fundamental to enablement, efficiency, and effectiveness,” said Chris Scotney, Head of Business Development at Kallidus. “It brings together the art and science, providing insightful analytics to refine the craft. We’d be lost without a robust sales tech ecosystem.” 

Program Criteria and Benefits

The Salesloft Technology Partner Program allows partners to qualify for one of four Tier categories: Ecosystem, Select, Advanced, and Premier. The criteria for these categories include mutual customer adoption of the partner’s integration and partner-contributed revenue to Salesloft’s business. Each Tier status contains a discrete set of benefits from Salesloft. Benefits range from self-service enablement and marketing programs to hands-on co-selling and co-marketing programs. 

Market Development Fund

Salesloft is also launching a Market Development Fund to fund partner programs and accelerate opportunities, build pipeline, and create awareness among Salesloft sellers and customers. The new Technology Partner Program goes into effect February 1, 2022, and partners will maintain their awarded Tier Status through January 31, 2023. 

“Salesloft customers use up to a dozen different applications in their Revenue Tech stack,” said Devin Shiffman, VP of Global Alliances at Salesloft. “A thriving technology ecosystem gives sellers and their marketing and operations teams the ability to further customize how they use Salesloft, while extending the value proposition of the platform by giving customers unique workflows with partner-owned applications. This new Technology Partner Program enables partners to build awareness among our customers, and it incentivizes them to achieve growth together.” 

Partner Success

“We are extremely proud to have achieved Premier Partner status within Salesloft’s Technology Partner Program. Our mutual customers benefit from an extremely deep integration between our two solutions that surfaces highly actionable 6sense data within Salesloft via our embedded UI functionality. The Salesloft teams are a pleasure to work with, making it easy to collaborate across all aspects of our partnership: to improve our product integration, align our field teams, create co-branded content, and sponsor industry events,” said Elliot Smith, Head of Partnerships, 6sense. “We have a bright future together and this next step in the evolution of our partnership is a welcome one.”

“We’re thrilled to be a Premier partner and look forward to building an even bigger and better partnership with Salesloft this year,” said Ashleigh Gray, VP, Strategic Partnerships at Vidyard. “Our existing integration with Salesloft already drives success for remote and hybrid sales teams everywhere, enabling them to make video messages a seamless part of their communications. This partnership opens up exciting opportunities for us to further innovate and better serve our mutual customers.”

Learn more about becoming a Salesloft Partner.

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