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Salesloft Acquires Conversation Intelligence Provider Noteninja


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It’s a great day for Salesloft users and authentic sellers around the world. Today, we are excited to announce the acquisition of conversation intelligence provider, Noteninja. I’m incredibly proud of what this means to our customers and the advanced opportunity they will now have to deliver a better sales experience to their customers.

Personally, I’ve spoken with over 200 VPs of sales this year. They tell me they’ve codified their go-to-market plans in Salesloft and they share how they use it to deploy action lists to their AEs, SDRs, and account managers.

It’s helping them execute on their cadence of communications with customers and prospects through phone, email, social, and other activities. And they’re seeing success. Customer analysis shows that users are increasing opportunities created by over 25% in the first 90 days. According to a recent TOPO report, our customers have ranked us #1 for sales dialer and #1 for sales email which is a testament to the value of Salesloft’s Sales Engagement Platform.

Recently, I realized our category of software was missing something important. Neither us nor other engagement solutions were solving an additional problem. Customers told me they need more insights on what’s actually happening during sales meetings. They realize (and Gartner reports) “three out of four customers report spending more with a company because of a positive buying experience”.

Modern revenue organizations need conversation intelligence software to solve painful problems:


According to Forrester, 90 percent of meetings with sellers add no value. Sales reps are failing to demonstrate value to buyers. If sales leaders lack the visibility required to coach reps effectively, the problem isn’t likely to be resolved.

When I saw Noteninja, I immediately realized our customers are going to want this solution. I was impressed by Noteninja’s innovation, customer-centric approach, and by the culture and character of their founders.

Many Salesloft customers are already leveraging this solution to scale performance across their teams and coach their reps more effectively.

Dude Solutions is one customer that relies on both Salesloft and Noteninja today to deliver better selling experiences for their customers. According to Donna Sanborn from Dude Solutions: “Having a record of all our meetings and interactions, and being able to quickly pinpoint and learn from what’s working best across our teams - has been a game changer for our organization. We’re able to onboard and coach our reps easier, and we’re seeing the results as those reps become more effective sellers.”

With the acquisition of Noteninja, Salesloft is providing our customers with the first full suite Sales Engagement Platform that combines sales cadences with sales intelligence, serving AEs, SDRs, CSMs, managers, and execs to better sales. We will continue to support existing Noteninja customers and will soon be offering the Noteninja functionality incorporated natively within the Salesloft platform.

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With #saleslove, Kyle

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