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A Personal Message to Customers from Salesloft CEO Kyle Porter


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Kyle Porter, CEO and founder of Salesloft, shares a personal message of reflection and hope with our customers. We’re all experiencing how quickly our world can be turned upside-down, but we’re in this together. Speaking from his shelter-at-home location in Florida, Kyle shares Salesloft's most important message to our customers:

We got you. We’re here to help.

We’ve started by accelerating the development and release of new platform features that help you work from anywhere and thrive in 2020. Our remote analytics are better than ever, sales managers can now coach their teams remotely with Live Call Studio, and our mobile app lets SDRs and AEs get key contact information and receive lead notifications from anywhere.

We’re also providing more support than ever before by expanding the Salesloft University catalog, offering free training, and increasing our daily open office hours. Kyle shares even more in the video, so check it out above. 

If we can ever do anything better to support you, Kyle’s (virtual) office door is open.

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