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Salesloft Welcomes Lauren Vaccarello as New Chief Marketing Officer


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Today, we celebrate another milestone as we roll out the red carpet to welcome Lauren Vaccarello as Salesloft's new Chief Marketing Officer.

Lauren is an award-winning marketing leader. She's also the former Chief Marketing Officer at Talend and has held marketing leadership roles at Box, AdRoll, and Salesforce. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Lauren and discuss why she made the move to Salesloft, what she’s most excited about, and how she likes to spend her time when she’s off the clock.

Welcome to Salesloft! What drew you to join our ranks at this point in your career? 

When I take on a new role, I ask myself a few questions: Is the market opportunity right? Is the product right? Am I the right person for this company right now? The answer to all these questions when it comes to Salesloft is a resounding yes

The overall market opportunity for Salesloft is enormous. Salesloft is one of those rare platforms that every single company could benefit from. The impact I’ve seen Salesloft have on its customers is just so impressive. I’ve heard countless endorsements from users and customers. I want to be part of keeping that customer love going. 

I’ve also  learned that Salesloft isn’t just a revolutionary product; it’s a revolutionary company. Seeing how authentic and motivated every single Lofter is made me realize that Salesloft has something truly unique to offer. I want to be a part of driving toward that larger vision. 

What is your proudest career moment thus far? 

A few moments come to mind. In 2014, I was honored by the San Francisco Business Times as an “Influential Women in Business.” This was particularly special for me because it wasn’t just about what I was doing professionally. It was also about being recognized for giving back and making a positive impact on our community. That was an incredibly validating moment for me.

I’ve also written two books. I wouldn’t recommend anybody do this because it’s an obscene amount of work and doesn’t pay well. But one of my books is now used as a college textbook!  It's an honor to know that I’m helping to educate the next generation of marketers. 

Finally, I’m extremely proud to be on the board of a public company. As an investor, I take my role as board member very seriously. Less than 5% of venture dollars come from women. I’m passionate about creating more gender equity for future investors simply by holding these positions in the first place. 

What  brings you the most joy outside of work? 

I spend a lot of time mentoring startups and up-and-coming marketing leaders. It’s so important to give back and show people opportunities they didn’t know existed.  I love the time I get to spend with people at different phases in their career – especially those who are just starting out and need extra guidance to get their feet off the ground. There are certain points in our professional lives where we don’t really know what’s possible for us. Helping people recognize their potential brings me a lot of joy. 

On a more personal level, I’m a huge rock climber! It’s an activity that helps me stay grounded when I’m not at work, which is ironic because I don’t spend a lot of time on the actual ground! 

What are you most excited to hit the ground running with? 

Right now, I’m most excited to help spread the #saleslove far and wide. Everybody needs to know about Salesloft – what we do, why we do it, and how we can change their business for the better. We have the opportunity to be the biggest name in revenue tech. I want to help make that happen. Salesloft is redefining a category and literally transforming the way sales teams sell and how companies do business.

What piece of advice have you received that resonated the most with you? 

One piece of advice that I always stuck with me is around managing my own schedule and not letting my schedule manage you. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day and feel overwhelmed by task after task after task. If you really want to improve performance and get the most out of your time and energy, it takes just a few extra minutes upfront to figure out what your priorities are. Not just for the week, but for your life. 

Start big, then drill down on your more minute goals. What are your priorities for the year? Quarter? Month? Day? When you focus on the bigger picture and think long-term first, you can become so much more efficient with your time. Not to mention it makes those smaller tasks like sending a few emails or updating your CRM a lot less stressful when you know they’re contributing to a larger goal. 

Anything else you want us to know about you? 

I am an impulsive traveler. I carry my passport with me every time I travel just in case I get the urge to jet set. Recently I was flying back home to San Francisco from Austin, and while boarding the plane I overheard some other passengers  chatting about their upcoming trip to Costa Rica. When I landed for my connecting flight in Houston, I decided to postpone heading home and booked a trip to Costa Rica, right then and there! I never know where the travel bug will take me.

Read on for the full announcement:

Salesloft Welcomes Lauren Vaccarello as New Chief Marketing Officer

Former Marketing Executive at Talend, Box, and Salesforce joins Salesloft amid massive company growth 

Atlanta, May 24, 2022- Salesloft, the leading sales engagement platform and provider of the Modern Revenue Workspace™, today announced the appointment of industry veteran Lauren Vaccarello as the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer. Vaccarello will leverage her deep leadership experience in the enterprise technology space to shape, drive, and execute Salesloft’s marketing strategy. 

Vaccarello is an award-winning marketing leader with a track record of accelerating revenue growth and scaling the businesses of some of the most well-known brands in the B2B SaaS market. She has a robust marketing background in brand strategy, digital marketing, demand generation, and international expansion. She is the former Chief Marketing Officer at Talend and has held marketing leadership roles at Box, AdRoll, and Salesforce. She also currently serves on the board of directors for Thryv and SalesHood.

“Lauren is joining Salesloft at an exciting time of growth. She brings a tremendous amount of leadership and enterprise marketing expertise to our team,” said Kyle Porter, CEO of Salesloft. “Lauren is a customer-obsessed CMO with the skills and passion to serve our customers with world-class experiences. We are excited to grow under her leadership as she propels our customers to achieve their goals.”

At Salesloft, Vaccarello will be responsible for powering the marketing engine that helps propel Salesloft’s rapidly-growing business to the next level. Her team will be devoted to making Salesloft the most recognizable brand in sales technology and ensuring sales teams around the world understand the value of Salesloft’s market-leading Modern Revenue Workspace.

“Salesloft is a rare brand. It has a product that every company can benefit from, a highly engaged culture, and a complete dedication to customer success,” said Vaccarello. “I have been consistently impressed by Salesloft’s growth and follow-through on its mission to make sellers’ lives easier. I’m excited to lead an incredible team and make sure businesses around the world know who Salesloft is and how our platform can improve their sales outcomes.”

Vaccarello joins Salesloft after years of continued rapid company growth. Amid its recent growth in EMEA and the opening of a data center in Frankfurt, Germany, Salesloft achieved a multi-billion dollar valuation due to a strategic growth investment from Vista Equity Partners. Salesloft also recently launched Forecast by Salesloft, a new capability that helps organizations forecast with more accuracy and take action to close deals, all from a single platform. 

Learn more about how to generate more revenue faster and exceed your sales goals with Salesloft’s Modern Revenue Workspace™. 

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