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Introducing CRM Sync for Microsoft Dynamics 365


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Salesloft is committed to bringing the power of sales engagement to more businesses around the globe no matter what CRM they use.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the second-largest CRM provider on the market today, and it continues to add more customers every day. With more companies making it their CRM of choice, Salesloft is introducing CRM Sync for Microsoft Dynamics 365, a first-class integration for Microsoft-stack customers. 

The Salesloft integration is a bidirectional sync of leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities that automates shared data and improves data visibility across both the Salesloft and Dynamics 365 platforms. In addition, sales activities that take place in Salesloft are automatically logged in the Dynamics 365 CRM for better engagement visibility. Sellers can also jump between Dynamics 365 and Salesloft with a single click to optimize workflow and collaboration.

Through the combined power of Salesloft and Microsoft Dynamics 365, sales teams can better understand which actions lead to the best revenue outcomes. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers of all sizes can take advantage of Salesloft’s enterprise-level security and governance capabilities including full control over the data their users have access to across the entire platform.

6 Benefits to Sales Team Using Salesloft and Microsoft Dynamics 365

  1. The Salesloft integration allows sellers to automate important but mundane tasks like data logging into the CRM, and every prospecting channel is right there at their fingertips.
  2. Pre-built yet customizable sales playbooks provide proven data-backed best practices on pipeline creation and are built directly into the platform. Sellers have access to everything they need to achieve and replicate success.
  3. Improved workflows foster better collaboration across the entire revenue team. Individual users can accomplish better, cleaner handoffs between their revenue team members between every stage of the sales process.
  4. Salesloft’s Chrome extension allows sellers to import records and run Cadence workflows directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365, never leaving the CRM unless they choose to.
  5. Salesloft offers full support for Microsoft-stack customers since the platform integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams.
  6. Analytics capabilities combine sales engagement and CRM data to provide insightful data points and visualizations. Connect rep activities to the outcomes your teams are striving towards and deliver predictable revenue.

See the Integration in Action

Want to learn more about Salesoft’s CRM Sync for Microsoft Dynamics 365? Request a demo now.

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