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Get Your Selling Motion Moving: Introducing Cadence Engine


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Defining the sales team’s go-to-market strategy is usually anything but simple. From building the structure to creating call scripts and email templates — all while maintaining an authentic brand voice — it’s a lot of work with a lot of moving parts.

Even once you’ve locked these things down, getting your reps’ buy-in can be an ongoing challenge, making adoption a struggle of its own.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of spending time building these tools and processes, you could find ways to close deals faster? Grow the size and volume of the deals in your pipeline? Up-skill your sales team to better meet pipeline goals?

Yeah, we thought so.

Introducing Cadence Engine

Cadence Engine makes it easy to create unique and authentic content for your Cadences in Salesloft. 

Through a combination of information about your business, including what you sell, who you sell to, and your value proposition, Cadence Engine creates personalized cadence templates and content to accelerate your revenue workflows. 

By developing cadence templates through the latest data insights and sales engagement best practices, sales managers and cadence builders alike can create a robust library of Cadences in your company’s voice that deliver the most impact.

With Cadence Engine, sellers can get any motion started faster to drive rapid results throughout your revenue organization.

Since your library will feature unique content tailored specifically for your business — with the same look and feel as the Salesloft platform — it’s painless for your reps to adopt and deploy in no time.

How’s that for simplified?

Choose Your Own Cadence Adventure

With the addition of Cadence Engine, Salesloft customers now have three cadence-based tools to choose from — but which one should you choose? That depends on your objective.

Get Started Fast with Cadence Framework

New customers aren’t always sure what makes a good Cadence. Cadence Framework steps in with a swift assist by allowing customers to create their own cheat sheets based on millions of customer interactions we’ve analyzed over the years. Identify the right channels, intensity, and duration of your Cadences without delaying your implementation.

Fully Customize with REGIE Cadence Builder

Customers looking for a fully customized and tailored experience turn to our integration with With REGIE Cadence Builder, Salesloft customers create targeted, persona and industry-based cadences to engage prospects. Create a robust library of tailored cadences without getting lost in the sauce.

Build Custom Content with Cadence Engine

Helping Salesloft customers craft tailored messaging for their Cadences is just the tip of the iceberg. Cadence Engine also builds on its predecessors by allowing our customers to:

  • Share Cadences (including with those who don’t have a SaleLoft license)
  • Choose recommended or custom Cadence durations and intensities
  • Produce tailored messaging for custom Cadences

With 40 tailored sales and customer success motions based on your specific business attributes, Cadence Engine helps revenue teams build Cadences that drive results.

Want More?

Cadence Engine is our latest addition to Salesloft Labs, a growing collection of apps made for and by sellers. Find out how innovations like Cadence Frameworks, REGIE, and other game-changers can help your sales team build winning Cadences in minutes in our Spring 2021 Product Announcement.

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