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Identify and Engage Active Buyers with Salesloft + 6sense


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Now, the 6sense Sales Intelligence module, and all of its insights, are available directly from the Account and Person Profile pages in Salesloft, where sellers work every day.

This new integration brings buyer and account-based sales intelligence from 6sense directly into Salesloft’s platform. Reps no longer have to toggle between multiple tools to view critical buyer insights and act on them. The integration saves sellers time and equips them with the insights they need to close more deals.

Nate Remmes
EVP Commercial Business, Salesloft

Through this new integration, reps can quickly add contacts to a Cadence in Salesloft or from 6sense Sales Intelligence in CRM, and then act on those insights in Salesloft, personalizing their messaging based on 6sense buyer insights.

“This was the one missing piece to the puzzle for our SDR team,” said Cay Gliebe, SVP Marketing, and Product Management, at OneSource Virtual. “This integration makes Salesloft a one-stop-shop where reps can quickly take action on 6sense Qualified Accounts (6QAs), making the selling process more seamless than ever.”

With 6sense and Salesloft, users can also:

  • Proactively engage buyers: 6sense tells reps where accounts are on the buying journey, how and when they have engaged, and what to do next to increase engagement. 
  • Prioritize the best accounts: 6sense identifies which accounts are the strongest fit for businesses and uncovers the topics they care about the most. 
  • Engage the entire buying committee: Quickly identify key buyers within a target account and engage them based on their personas and buyer intent signals.
  • Maintain focus: Sellers can execute automated, personalized cadence steps to help scale their presence with buyers and remain focused on their accounts.

"Through this new integration with Salesloft, we are making it easier for sellers to access 6sense’s critical insights to help sellers tactfully engage with their target buyers, and ultimately sell better. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Salesloft and our joint mission to help sellers achieve predictable revenue growth.” –Latané Conant, CMO at 6sense

This exciting innovation comes on the heels of Salesloft’s launch of the industry-first Deal Engagement Score, which uses machine learning to offer frontline managers a powerful, quantitative, and unbiased way to prioritize deals based on the calculation of more than 30 data elements captured across Cadence, Conversations, and Deals

Learn more about this integration here

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