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Salesloft Launches ‘Hey Salespeople’ Podcast Featuring Exclusive Insights From Top Sales Experts


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Episodes deliver actionable sales advice from thought leaders, authors, and enterprise sales executives

ATLANTA – June 4, 2019 – Salesloft, the provider of the #1 sales engagement platform, has launched the “Hey Salespeople” podcast series hosted by Salesloft’s Vice President of Sales Strategy and self-proclaimed sales nerd, Jeremey Donovan. The series features interviews with actionable advice for sales leaders and practitioners from some of the brightest minds in modern sales.

“Sales is an art and a science,” said Donovan. “If you have a passion for sales, are looking to further your career, or just want to get some practical tips on successful sales practices, this podcast is for you.”

The first episode is called Starting a Conversation in Sales with Trish Bertuzzi, founder and CEO of inside sales consulting firm The Bridge Group and author. Bertuzzi and Donovan discuss everything from sales leadership skills to the right (and wrong) ways to prospect. Bertuzzi dissects exactly who picks up a phone these days, the role of likeability in the sales process, what type of prospecting will elicit a response.

Episode 2 of “Hey Salespeople” is titled The Value of Being Personal in Sales Leadership with LinkedIn’s Alyssa Merwin. The Vice President of Sales Solutions Americas at LinkedIn reveals the tough feedback she received about developing high-performing teams as she was promoted into higher levels of management. Merwin also explains how she coaches her team shows buyers they truly know them, and why the number of established connections within a target account affects win rates.

Episode 3, The Secret Sauce for Sales Success, John Barrows talks about beginning his sales career selling power tools. Today, he educates some of the world’s top sales teams. In 2018 Barrows was recognized as the top LinkedIn Sales Voice. He explains what that experience taught him about consultative selling and how the sales community can learn from design thinking, among other things.

Episode 4, 30 Minutes in Sales Nerd Heaven with Peter Kazanjy. This “Hey Salespeople” featured guest is a serial entrepreneur and created one of the largest sales peer learning communities, Modern Sales Pros. Kazanjy also co-founded Atrium HQ and authored a book, Founding Sales. During this episode, Kazanjy and Donovan discuss everything from the concept of ‘selling ice to an Eskimo’ to developing a hiring pipeline and the necessity of sales math in modern sales.

“Hey Salespeople” Episode 5, What’s So Different About Sales in the UK? with James Ski, compares and contrasts sales in the UK and US. He talks with Donovan about everything from GDPR to delivering value on the first call. Ski is the leader of Sales Confidence, the largest network of B2B SaaS founders, sales leaders, and venture capitalists in the UK.

“Hey Salespeople” host Jeremey Donovan is SVP of Sales Strategy at Salesloft. Over the past 20+ years, he has had an eclectic career spanning semiconductor engineering to product development/management to sales and marketing leadership at Xilinx, Gartner, AMA, GLG, and CB Insights. Jeremey is the author of five books including the international public speaking bestseller "How to Deliver a TED Talk" as well as "Predictable Prospecting." He holds a BS and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Learn from the best minds in sales in just 30 minutes with Salesloft’s brand new “Hey Salespeople” podcast.

For more information on Salesloft’s “Hey Salespeople” podcast, follow us on Twitter at #HeySalespeople, subscribe on iTunes, or visit

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