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HBX Group Chooses Salesloft to Drive Global Sales Transformation


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Salesloft’s end-to-end solutions laid the foundation for HBX Group to hit revenue growth goal

Atlanta, July 10, 2024 – Salesloft, provider of the only Revenue Orchestration Platform that prioritizes, automates, and recommends actions to help revenue teams close more business, today announced that HBX Group, a leading B2B global Travel Tech company, has implemented Salesloft to unify its global systems and mature its revenue operations.

HBX Group began a three-month pilot program with Salesloft to transform the way the company sells. HBX leadership set aggressive goals to increase revenue, drive predictability, and decrease costs. Due to the pilot program’s demonstrable success, HBX Group has significantly expanded its investment with Salesloft, deploying Salesloft across its entire revenue organization and increasing its number of licenses from 20 to 500.

“HBX Group’s vision was clear: the company urgently needed to improve its salespeople’s abilities to win new customers and grow existing customers,” said Sam Loveland, Chief Customer Officer at Salesloft. “We offered a series of operating strategies to help HBX Group win more deals, eliminate churn, create consistency and repeatability across teams, and simplify its revenue orchestration tech stack.”

Salesloft’s solutions for HBX Group centered on:

  • Driving revenue via pipeline creation. HBX Group wanted to move from demand fulfillment to demand creation. Salesloft enabled the company to execute a more comprehensive outbound approach to prospecting by infusing AI into processes. This enabled HBX Group to scale personalized engagement, convert leads more quickly, and gain more visibility into the pipeline through accurate forecasting.
  • Promoting team collaboration and performance. Training and retaining the best teams requires a culture of consistency and repeatability. Salesloft empowered HBX Group by giving its revenue teams the tools they needed to confidently sell their HBX Group’s full suite of products, which was a departure from their old way of selling piecemeal products.  
  • Optimizing technology and workflows. Prior to working with Salesloft, HBX Group tracked prospective deals within spreadsheet files. Salesloft provides a single view of the company's pipeline as well as standardized, consolidated reports to help sales leaders manage the business more effectively and gain clear visibility across functions. 

“We set aggressive goals at the onset of our partnership with Salesloft,” said Mark Antipof, Chief Growth Officer at HBX Group. “Our three-month pilot program made it clear that Salesloft could deliver the results we needed to scale. The platform allows us to track performance, interpret intent signals, and develop more effective strategies for customer targeting by integrating insights from across our global enterprise. The result is a new understanding of the progress we’re making, the roadblocks our revenue teams face, and opportunities to do things differently.”

To learn more about Salesloft’s partnership with HBX Group, visit

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