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G2 Names Salesloft Among the Best Software Products of 2021


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For Salesloft and the market at large, 2021 has been one of change, growth, and innovation. The digital revolution undoubtedly went into hyperdrive in 2020. Overnight, whole industries were forced to shift online, leaving sellers struggling to keep up. 

We looked forward to 2021 bringing the promise of a new normal— but while restaurants and shops reopened, the world of sales would never be the same.

As of Sept. 2021, “92% of B2B buyers prefer virtual sales interactions” up 17% from May 2020 Bain & Company, Sept 2021.

Digital Sales Burnout

Today’s buyers unanimously prefer online sales interactions. While nothing can replace face-to-face experiences, particularly in later deal stages, digital sales is now the norm. While buyers continue to buy online, many sellers are beginning to feel digital fatigue. 

As a sales organization and a sales technology provider, we’ve seen and experienced this struggle firsthand. We work diligently to engage directly with our customers in a multitude of ways, through customer interviews, user research, and peer reviews because we know your perspective is important—actually, it’s everything.

What We Accomplished With Your Help

This year Salesloft has had a lot to celebrate thanks to our customers. Because of you, we were included in G2’s best of tech list and remained a consistent leader in Sales Engagement, Sales Coaching, Conversation Intelligence, Email Tracking, Dialer, and more! 

Interested in how we stack up? Here are a couple of reports from this quarter:

Plus, because of you, we were included in the Deloitte Fast 500 list for the 5th year in a row!

The Impact You Shared With Us

Your words matter. Below are some of our personal favorites.

From the standpoint of an administrator and Sales leader, none of the other enablement tools come close to matching all you get from Salesloft. Their SFDC integration is the best, and not to mention their addition of "deals" and "conversation intelligence" makes it the best of the bunch.”

- Michael Whited, Sales Operations Leader

“I have everything I need to be a productive Account Executive in 1 simple to use solution. From the simplicity of connecting leads/contacts from Salesforce into Salesloft for cadence building to set up point and click cadences is so simple to use. Also, being able to see all of the touches that a certain lead/contact has had with the organization in Salesloft is so much easier than searching within Salesforce.”

- Account Executive

The user-friendliness of the platform makes onboarding new hires very easy. From an admin perspective, I spend a lot of time in analytics reporting, which really breaks down my teams performance and allows me to provide guidance to them for coaching.

- Ben Browning, Manager

The Results of Your Valuable Feedback

While we never get sick of hearing positive feedback, we especially value when users help us identify gaps. Customer feedback is critical to our product strategy. 

The following product innovations are a direct result of user feedback: Cadence Frameworks, Pause Cadences, One-off-actions in Deals, advancement in our Deals Engagement Scoring, and our new transcription services for Conversations. We couldn’t be more grateful for how you’ve helped us improve.

We also heard feedback around some of the color choices since the rebrand. Our user experience team is continuing to test the color scheme for usability. 

Keep your feedback coming! 

We look forward to what 2022 will bring all of us, but knowing that we’ll remain in this together is what keeps us going.

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