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The Story of SalesLoft, Told By Our CEO & Founder {SaaStr Podcast}

September 6, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to grow a company to $40 million ARR and over 120% net expansion in less than 5 years? Our CEO & Founder, Kyle Porter, is sharing the history of Salesloft on the SaaStr podcast.
SaaStr Podcast with Kyle Porter, Salesloft CEO
Listen to the story of how Salesloft was built. Kyle did something unusual, rebooting the company in 2014 to focus on values, organizational health, and solving customer problems with an empathetic, human-first approach to sales.

Discover how Salesloft has evolved over the years, with insights into:

  • Finding a product market fit,
  • Having cohesion in the leadership team,
  • Addressing challenging of scaling, and
  • Winning in a competitive space.
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