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SalesLoft Announces Partnership with UK-Based Sales Confidence, Championing a Network of Sales Professionals

May 29, 2019

You’ve probably heard the big news by now… Salesloft opened a brand new EMEA headquarters in London, England and welcomed a Vice President of EMEA Revenue, former LinkedIn executive Ollie Sharpe.

But wait. There’s more! We are excited to announce our partnership with Sales Confidence, an organization that champions the UK’s SaaS sales leaders and the next generation of sales talent.

Salesloft London office

Why Sales Confidence? Sales Confidence is a fast-growing community of sales professionals who are passionate about their work, excited to help build and grow the digital economy, and eager to help others as they progress through their careers.

Salesloft shares our mission of developing successful sales leaders. Salesloft cares about helping salespeople connect with buyers and deliver value to them,” said James Ski, Sales Confidence’s founder. “This passion is reflected in their commitment to giving back to the broader community that we all serve.”

The organization hosts B2B SaaS Sales networking events in London, as well as the UK’s number one sales leadership conference, SaasGrowth 2019. Salesloft is a proud sponsor of this year’s event on 3 July. Secure your spot to further your knowledge around sales strategies and approaches. Make sure to say hello to our own Ollie Sharpe after his session!

The Salesloft platform helps thousands of sales professionals in the US and the UK generate more revenue by improving the efficiency and quality of their sales interactions. As we grow our office in London (FYI – we’re hiring!), we look forward to being better able to serve the sales community across the pond.

I’m thrilled for the opportunity to support the growing sales community in London alongside an incredible organization, Sales Confidence,” said Ollie. “We share a commitment to building a community where sales professionals can learn and grow, and inspire the next generation of sales leaders. I am excited to continue strengthening the sales community in the UK.”

We look forward to sharing knowledge with the community and working together to develop new ways of delivering a better buying experience to customers. After all, the human element is the most essential aspect of success in sales.

For the upcoming schedule of Sales Confidence events and to purchase tickets, please visit:

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