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Sales Automation Software

Selling can be a labor of love, but with sales automation software, it doesn’t have to be labor. Use Salesloft to speed up sales productivity by eliminating repetitive, manual tasks. 

Spend less time on follow-up and more time developing opportunities with workflows backed by unique automation features. Generate more pipeline, nurture deals, and train team members to close deals faster.

Sales Processes Integrated in CRM

Sales requires massive coordination and any gap can result in a leaky pipeline. As a result, sales teams struggle to keep up with administrative tasks, leading to bottlenecks in the sales process.

To resolve this, Salesloft streamlines daily sales activities with automation, flexible CRM integration, and sales pipeline management. 

Sync back to CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Hubspot for total transparency. Manage pipeline health, prospecting workflows, lead scoring, account management, forecasting, and customer engagement—all on one platform.

Automated Responses and Follow-Ups

By scheduling follow-ups with sales automation tools, sales teams secure more leads. 

Whether an inbound or outbound sales strategy, you can craft and stay top of mind with personalized emails. Streamline sales tasks through Salesloft Cadence and boost lead management.

Sync all data on sales leads between Salesloft and your CRM. Feed the same information into automated drip campaigns to strengthen both lead enrichment and even email marketing

Scalable Coaching System

Learning curves are inevitable for new hires. Fortunately, sales automation streamlines onboarding and coaching through guided playbooks and artificial intelligence. 

Armed with Salesloft products such as Conversation Intelligence, sales managers can easily create a scalable and repeatable training system. 

Keep team members on task with notifications and customized workflows. Study every sales conversation and use newfound insights to coach your team. Spend less time on administration by easily assigning tasks to sales representatives.

Real-Time Reporting

Sales automation eliminates time-consuming tasks like data entry—but did you know it also contributes to greater flexibility with sales reporting software

Use Salesloft’s automation solutions to analyze ongoing strategies via generated reports, allowing you to monitor key metrics in real-time. 

Gauge campaign performance, customer engagement, and forecast projections. Keep data consistent, accurate, and timely.

Hands-Off Scheduling

Disorganized scheduling can clog up the sales funnel. Sales reps can avoid delays by utilizing automated software.

Streamline your process from discovery to negotiation by automatically scheduling appointments and phone calls to cut down on back-and-forth.

We also store all vital contact and account information. So when you do need to follow up directly, you’ll never lose precious time digging up email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information.


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