The Top-Rated Sales Engagement Platform

Teams that use Salesloft see a:

  • 2.5x increase in response rates
  • 75% increase in closed deals
  • 28% increase in total deals

What Exactly is
Sales Engagement Anyway?

It’s no secret sellers don’t love CRMs.

Constantly entering data and logging activities is
time-consuming, not to mention the clunky workflows. Without proper CRM adoption, managers lose visibility and winnable deals fall through the cracks. Sales leaders get inaccurate forecasts and struggle to explain why.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Think of Salesloft as a co-pilot for your CRM. We automate human interactions between buyers and sellers. Yet you still get the flexibility to personalize those interactions across email, phone, social, direct mail, and video. And all your activities are automatically synced back to the CRM.

A new way to create better buying experiences and close more revenue.

We help you generate leads, plus a whole lot more.
And here’s how it works.

Guide reps through the sales process and automate their buyer interactions across phone, email, social, direct mail, and video. Built-in flexibility let’s you personalize those interactions.


Keep managers on top of what’s happening with open opportunities. Uncover gaps in the deal cycle to keep deals from slipping through the cracks.


Call recording and coaching features help you understand the impact of every sales conversation. Replicate and scale the behaviors of your best-performing reps across your entire team.

Analytics & Reporting

Dashboards provide deep insights at every stage of the sales process. Forecast more accurately, quickly understand what’s working (and what’s not), and continuously optimize performance.

Sales Playbook

Automated yet customizable, cadence journeys walk reps through a number of multi-channel touches based on deal stage, job role, and more. Built-in flexibility allows sellers to create more dynamic, personalized experiences for their buyers.

New reps get instant access to successful sales plays, cadence examples, and best practices so they can quickly start producing revenue.

Additional automation features make sales cadence management, including routing new prospects into the right cadence, effortless.

sales dialing software

Dialer + Messenger

With one click, call or text buyers from a computer, mobile device, or even a desk phone. All calls and messages are logged and synced to SalesLoft and your CRM.

Already have a dialer you love? That’s OK, too. SalesLoft’s platform is flexible and works easily with third-party dialers.


Sales Emails

Use SalesLoft email to reach more buyers, faster. Customize templates to send more one-to-one emails at scale. Robust integrations with tools like Vidyard, Seismic, and Videolicious make email personalization even easier.

Send emails from inside the SalesLoft platform, your preferred email service provider, or your CRM. All emails are tracked, including responses, clicks, and views. When buyers respond, automation rules route them to the best workflow with the most relevant messages.

Ensure more delivered emails with fewer bounces with our deliverability dashboards.


Sync your calendars to SalesLoft to share your schedule and easily book meetings. Use templates for faster, simpler, everything-is-in-the-invite scheduling. Compatibility with Gmail and Outlook makes scheduling even easier.

Transform the way you sell, and drive more revenue.

Guide your reps through every stage of the revenue life cycle.

  • Generate Pipeline
  • Manage Deals
  • Engage Customers