January 27, 2020 | 1 min. read

Sales Engagement for Closers: Help AEs, AMs, and Full Cycle Reps Drive More Revenue

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Remember the yellow pages? It’s hard to imagine that reps once relied on this for prospecting.

An actual paper book printed once a year. The ‘80s called–they want their sales strategy back!

We laugh now, but when it comes to executing a modern sales process, too many sales organizations are stuck in a time capsule. They’ve simply replaced phone book prospecting with haphazard email strategies. And closers everywhere deserve better.

“Sales Engagement platforms enable digital, inside, and field sales personnel to be more productive and efficient.”

                         – Mary Shea | Forrester Consulting

In this eBook, Sales Engagement for Closers, you’ll understand why sales engagement platforms help reps drive opportunities to close through prospecting and opportunity management. This technology helps them:

  • increase productivity
  • better execute account-based strategies
  • manage opportunities
  • and expand strategic accounts

Download the eBook below and ensure every winnable deal is won.

Download the eBook