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Rely on SalesLoft {Infographic}

January 31, 2019

What makes Salesloft reliable? How does Salesloft work to keep you secure? Moreover, how does Salesloft protect your customers? 

In a previous post, dedicated to understanding the common security concerns sales organizations face, we called out an industry problem, un-trustworthy vendors. We followed that up with a blog meant to help B2B buyers during vendor selection, focusing on security, platform stability, and business practices.

Now we bring it full circle to Salesloft, the reliable choice in Sales Engagement.

An Open Letter from Salesloft’s VP of Information Security

As we look forward to 2019 and beyond, we must also look back at the trends we saw, the problems we overcame, and the underlying notion that above all else we are, Security First.

Last year we saw successful exploits of major enterprise and military supply chains, crypto-mining malware explode in pervasiveness, and emergency hardware patching became a common occurrence. The dynamic landscape of our digital world can be a double-edged sword; providing both convenience and innovation for everyday tasks, as well as risk and uncertainty to your customer’s and prospect’s private information and personal identity.

This year will likely be no different, but as Salesloft’s VP of Information Security, I can assure you the one constant that will remain is our devotion to earning your trust every day.

Whether you are a prospect, customer, partner, or industry peer, I challenge you to become comfortable assessing the infosec operations of any entity with access to your systems and data. A company worthy of access to your information will be proud to showcase their strong security posture. Knowing what data the service has access to, how they use it, and what they do to protect it, can speak volumes for both the organization’s values and its future.

Fortunately for our customers, Salesloft’s core values influence all aspects of our business, including and especially information security. Customer First and Focus on Results ensures our team appropriately prioritizes data protection and customer privacy. Salesloft continues to be an industry leader in both performance and presence because our values remain unmatched.

If it’s important to you it’s important to us, and you can rest easy knowing we’re going beyond industry standards to prove it. Salesloft will continue to keep our systems secure, your data protected, and your questions answered.

Mike Meyer
VP of Information Security at Salesloft

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